Needing A Change of Pace

I’m plowing my way through revisions on Forsaken By Shadow.  I’m pushing really hard in hopes that I can get it finished and out to beta readers by the weekend.  I took a little time out last night to play with my new nook, which arrived yesterday.  A more detailed post on that to come.  But anyway, as I was playing around and reading through the opening pages of the ebooks I initially downloaded–which I’ve heard great things about and have been really looking forward to–I was just kind of…meh.  I’ve been the same way with Ecstasy Unveiled, which I’ve been eagerly anticipating for MONTHS.  It’s totally unlikely that favorite authors have suddenly dumped something on me that’s not to my liking, so I conclude that at long last, after 15 months of almost non-stop paranormal romance and urban fantasy reading and writing, I really need to cleanse my palette.

I blame J.R. Ward for starting it off.  A friend of mine insisted that I try the Black Dagger Brotherhood, which I plowed through in its entirety in about two weeks.  And then nothing at all would sate my reading or writing appetite but more of the same genre.  I don’t think I’ve ever had such a lengthy craving for one thing before.  Unlike some people, I like to read mostly in the genre that I’m writing when I’m writing because if I go off and read some snarky, light cozy mystery, it will temporarily alter my tone and that just doesn’t fit with what I write most of the time.  So with a very few exceptions, I haven’t touched anything from the Leaning Tower of To Be Read that was not somehow paranormal in nature for over a year.  And I’ve read so many awesome books!  I’ve got stacks more on my bookshelves waiting for the time.

But this weekend, I think I need a change of pace.  While the revisions aren’t anything I can’t handle, I’m really pouring a lot of myself into some of them, so I’d like a break.  Something that isn’t going to jerk me around emotionally.  If I knock out these revisions as planned, I want to spend the weekend reading something totally different.  Maybe some of those nice, light cozies I mentioned–I’ve got loads.  Then I think I’ll be able to better dive into my next project next week.

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