Ah, Revisions

After spending most of yesterday twisting myself into an emotional pretzel and giving myself a headache with my freak out over what Pot would say about Forsaken By Shadow, I had a nice shiny critique in my inbox this morning (because she is awesome like that).  And all my freaking out was for naught.  With the exception of one line, I agreed with her about every single point, and all the revisions are relatively easily done.  My biggest problems were needing to go back and properly seed things that I came up with in the second half in the first half (so that they don’t come totally out of left field); getting my love of detail under control (more is not always better, Linus, sometimes it’s just more); layering in more emotional connection in some scenes; and fixing some inconsistencies.  I can do that.

My brain has already been zipping along at 90 to nothing about changes and enhancements I can make.  Only one scene is getting cut–the information will be seeded elsewhere.  And one other scene is getting split into two, so it allows me to keep my nice even number.  Now the biggest problem is just trying to mentally put it aside so I can do the job I’m actually PAID to do when all I want to do is roll up my sleeves and dive into this like Scrooge McDuck into his money pit.

Who knew I’d be so excited about revisions?

On the plus side, apparently I did a really good job with my action scenes, didn’t have any of the fluffyverse tangents I have been prone to in the past, and did a good job being concise rather than rambly.

I feel better.

Now if I can just find the time this week, I THINK I can plow through most of this this week and have it out to betas by end of next week.  THEN I’ll get started on First Blood.

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