I Dream of Cover Art

I need a full reset today.  The kind of hard reboot that is a good, long, afternoon nap.  So not going to happen, so I’m struggling to ditch my Mood (which was incited by a series of kitchen disasters and Button Pushing by one of my two main button pushers).  I feel the urge to attack using the Spork of Doom (which I have borrowed from C.J. Redwine who is home with kids for the 6th snow day this month due to Snopacalypse, Tennessee), but as I’d rather not spend my upcoming birthday behind bars, I’m just going to shut my door and stew.

In more positive news, yesterday I hired my cover artist!  She’s an about to be grad of the Memphis College of Art.  We went back and forth several times yesterday.  I showed her the hackjob I’d put together of the original concept, explained what I didn’t like about it, and she came back with some marvelous suggestions.  I should have the initial comps by the end of this week.  I’m so excited! I even dreamed about cover art last night.  No really.  There was a slide show montage scrolling through my head.  The whole idea of having cover art makes the whole thing feel more real.  In a month or two, my work will be out in the world for public consumption.  GULP.

I got back another one of my beta drafts last night, which was full of positive and some great catches on overused words, unnecessary words, stuff that was awkward or didn’t make sense.  Except for one point, I agreed with her on everything, thus further proving that my beta readers are made of awesomesauce. I’m always fascinated to see what different people catch.  Because apart from a few glaring errors, they all catch DIFFERENT things.  It’s been interesting to have highlighted what are apparently habitual phrasings or actions.  Like, apparently my characters do an awful lot of scrubbing their hands over their faces in frustration (probably because I do).   And I very seriously need to make a dedicated pass just to get rid of unnecessary uses of “that”.  Either way, I’m really looking forward to making those changes and corrections because every step is one closer to making this the best story it can be.

2 thoughts on “I Dream of Cover Art

  1. Congrats on the cover art…can’t wait to see it.

    “though” is my big one, LOL — I always go through using the ‘find’ feature and axe about half of them when I’m done.

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