Weekend Musings

1. MY NOOK HAS SHIPPED 3 DAYS EARLY!!!!!!!!!! 2. I just finished reading Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones, and I at once hate and envy her for the twist she pulls off at the end and must immediately pick up City of Ashes. 3.  Before I start that, though, I’m going to read Ecstasy Unveiled. […]

Playing Catch Up

I’m back in the office today playing catch up, sorting through email, addressing the To Do List that got left behind last week.  Let it be known that eastern Arkansas in the dead of winter is not an attractive drive. I got it verified this morning that I’ll be teaching Principles of Learning in the […]

Out of the Ordinary

I’ve been in Kansas City the last several days visiting one of my BFF’s and my honorary niece and new nephew.  It’s an annual trip that I always thoroughly enjoy, not only getting to see them, but also doing some shopping and generally getting totally out of my usual milieu.  I’m away from work, haven’t […]

Snow Day!

That should more properly be Ice Day, as we pretty well don’t get get snow here in Mississippi.  When we do, it’s usually flurries, and the natives (I am one, but I don’t do this) generally run around like mad lemmings preparing for nuclear winter.  Really glad I stocked up on toilet paper over the […]

Staff Retreat

Today was our annual staff retreat.  I generally dread this every year as it’s pretty unproductive and dull.  Not to mention hell on my newly re-started diet.  Yesterday I printed off a copy of the novella to reread during all the speakers.  It is important to note that when you intend to do something OTHER […]

A Heroine (and Maybe a Plot) For the New Novella

It’s Monday, January 4th.  We’re all back at work after a marvelous Christmas break, and of course the morning has been spent in a series of interminable staff meetings.  Nevermind that tomorrow is our annual retreat, which is nothing BUT an all day staff meeting at a different location.  Given that I was bored out […]

Happy 2010! And Goals.

I almost typed “And Resolutions”, but I’m really not fond of resolutions.  Mostly because I usually fall off the wagon with them after a month or two.  But goals I like.  Why?  Well I like having an idea of what I’m aiming for.  And I feel like goals can be revised if life changes.  Life […]

Reflecting on 2009

Well it’s New Year’s Eve.  This year is almost over.  This is the part where I go back and reflect on 2009’s resolutions. :goes to find them: Plot and write Hunted In Shadow. I am determined to finish another book in 2009. Done!  Well, first draft anyway.  I have also completed 2/3rds of a novella. […]

Another Novella…Maybe

It’s no secret that I have planned to use the novella I’ve been writing as a marketing tool.  I have had this blog for over three years now, and while I’ve built something of a following, it hasn’t been anything like the explosion I’ve had at my cooking blog Pots and Plots.  Of course, sharing […]

Impatience and Ennui

It’s Monday morning of my final week off work and the final four days of 2009.  I am searching for some enthusiasm to do something besides curl up on the sofa with tea and read or work on other projects.  What I NEED to do this morning is finish tea, exercise, and haul my butt […]