Snow Day!

That should more properly be Ice Day, as we pretty well don’t get get snow here in Mississippi.  When we do, it’s usually flurries, and the natives (I am one, but I don’t do this) generally run around like mad lemmings preparing for nuclear winter.  Really glad I stocked up on toilet paper over the weekend.  Back when I was a child, we used to get snow. We got a HUGE one around my birthday (February) when I was in the second grade.  So that Christmas Santa brought me a sled.  Know when I finally got to USE that sled?  When I was 15 during an ice storm.  That’s right.  Ice, not snow.  Back then there were snow days in the school calendar, but we almost never used them, so ultimately they struck them from the schedule.  It’s probably been five years since I had a day off due to wintery weather.  Maybe longer.

But today the university is closed, and I couldn’t be happier.  Yesterday was lousy.  No reason to talk about why.  Just accept that it was, and I really, really, really needed a day off.  Sad, considering that this is the first week back at work.  But I just have some things I need to get off my plate, like getting the house good and cleaned up and the Christmas tree taken down.  Not exciting, but necessary.

The high point of yesterday was that I finished the read through of the novella, and I’m really pleased with what I’ve got so far.  I made a few minor corrections here and there (161 words’ worth), and today I plan to really sit down and actually write.  I’ve been so mired in academic necessity, it’s really dragged me down on fiction productivity.  It was all long term planning.  Clear my academic plate so that I only have to answer correspondence and do weekly grading (number 1 bonus to teaching online–prerecorded lectures mean I don’t have to waste time giving them in person), which theoretically frees up more time to write.  I just have to get my brain realigned to that wavelength.

This just in: It’s SNOWING!  Big, fat fluffy flakes that have managed to cover the neighbor’s roof in the last 10 minutes!  Woo!  Hey, some of us get excited about snow.  I’m gonna make some Potato Leek Soup later today.  Should be delicious and comforting.  Ima go take a picture before the rain starts again and makes it all melt!

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