Playing Catch Up

I’m back in the office today playing catch up, sorting through email, addressing the To Do List that got left behind last week.  Let it be known that eastern Arkansas in the dead of winter is not an attractive drive.

I got it verified this morning that I’ll be teaching Principles of Learning in the fall, so I’ve just finished requesting several textbooks.  It means I’ll be very busy over the summer, but I SHOULD be free of course development over Christmas this year, which will be a refreshing change.  I’ve got to submit the proposal to the Powers That Be for the Theories of Personality class that I’m teaching this semester to be approved for spring 2011 (the approval process takes almost the whole semester).  Then in 2011 I’m sure I’ll be rinsing and repeating with Learning, and prepping whatever is next.  Never a spare moment…

It’s all part of the Master Plan.  Just gotta keep telling myself that.  Part of the Master Plan.

I’m off again on Friday, this time to my mom’s as she’s having knee surgery AGAIN (other knee) and I’m playing Florence Nightingale over the weekend.  I’m hoping she’ll be dopey enough on pain killers to give me some uninterrupted writing time.  And as she has nothing but dial up, I won’t have the distraction that is the interwebz to keep me from moving forward.

This week I’m focusing on fixing the 2 scenes I wrote last week (one is a minor change and finishing, and the other is a full rewrite).  I’m hoping to get one more scene beyond that, which will leave me only 1 chapter left next week.  Which puts me right on schedule to finish the first draft of the novella by the end of January.  Woot!

Must get back to catching up.

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