Weekend Musings


2. I just finished reading Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones, and I at once hate and envy her for the twist she pulls off at the end and must immediately pick up City of Ashes.

3.  Before I start that, though, I’m going to read Ecstasy Unveiled.

4.  We saw snow.  It’s barely there flurries, but it’s Mississippi, so it counts.

5.  I wrote the opening paragraphs to my second novella.  The opening line:  Finn was steeped in the scents and textures of her first love when the news of Orrin’s return reached her.

6.  I thought of an alternate title to the first novella that I think I might like better. Remember, this is the blurb:

When her father is captured by military scientists, firecaster Embry Hollister will do anything, break any rule to free him.  Unable to complete her mission alone, she turns to the only Shadow Walker who can help her—her father’s protégé and foster son, Gage Dempsey, whose memory was wiped years ago.  Embry and Gage must fight the clock—and their undeniable attraction—praying that his skills return in time to infiltrate a secret military base and rescue the man they both call father.

I thought I would make a poll.  Which would you be more likely to pick up/buy?

7.  Tonight we’re going to see Leap Year.

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