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Okay, I’m not all the way back to square one.  I didn’t change EVERYTHING about Revelation. The heroine is still the same.  She still has the same mission, the same character arc to achieve.  But I had to change her name.  Because Finn and Orrin as a couple just sounded lame.  So now her name is, I think, Dahlia.  For those of you who have read Forsaken By Shadow, the new hero is the galvanic fae you saw during that big group fight scene toward the end.

Question: If you change the hero, the bad guy, and the heroine’s name, does it even count as the same story?

Not that it matters.  It is what it is, and now they’ve got this whole complicated backstory that’s going to make the conflict between them just snap.  And because the hero has changed and the bad guy has changed (to who, I don’t know yet–what?  You expect me to have all the answers in a day?), the main points of action and means of opposition to Dahlia’s mission has changed to an antagonistic force that will be much stronger and more direct (thence making for a stronger plot).

The good news is that New Shiny has consented to maybe take a little nap for a while so that I can finally do what I am supposed to do.  So long as I pay it some attention once I’ve done my daily wad.

So project for the week: Revise the plot outline to fit in new elements.

In other news, go read the hilarious intervew of Hex Hall author Rachel Hawkins at C. J. Redwine’s blog!

One thought on “Back To Square Three & Linky Goodness

  1. Drown has been at least three entirely different stories, but I recognize it as the same one because the relationships in place from the beginning have remained intact despite changing names and places and the entire plot and even the tone of the story. I’m looking at this one like a sculptor looks at a slab of marble–the statue is in there, and it’s up to the sculptor to remove everything that isn’t part of the statue. This story has always been there; it’s just waiting for me to clear away all the cluttered thinking and wasted words and get to the real deal, and this incarnation finally feels like that.

    So if it feels like the same story to you, it is. If it doesn’t, it gets to be a New Shiny, which ain’t a bad thing, either. 😀

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