Monday Mashup

I wish I could think of something awesome to talk about, but it’s Monday.  I can just hear a collective “Ugh!” from everyone.  Hubby and I woke up snarly, I’m supposed to go meet with my boss in a bit (which is never fun as she’s usually hopped up on a double shot of espresso while I’m still waiting for my body to catch up to the sun), and I’ve got lots of not fun copy editing to do for work on a report that I fully intend to burn in effigy when it’s finally complete (it’s been dragging on FOREVER).  It’s a new week and I’m pushing forward on Revelation after last week’s plot discoveries.  Pot comes to visit in 11 days. Woo!

Thursday we head back to the doctor to find out if hubby’s orthopedic guy says he can FINALLY get to weight bearing and start to walk again.  Oh please oh please oh please oh please.  I’ve been pumping the man full of so much calcium, he should be mooing.  We need all the good karma and prayers we can get that the bone finally GREW (there was a pretty significant gap still when we went last month).

In extremely awesome news (for me), the poison oak is nearly gone and I no longer feel like scrubbing my skin with steel wool.  Woo hoo!

And okay, I’m boring even myself with this post, so I’m going to cease before you’re all asleep and drooling on your keyboards.

One thought on “Monday Mashup

  1. I’m always at a loss as to what to talk about. Not that it matters, since I only know one person who reads my blog. LOL

    Have you ever noticed that Zoe Winters always has the coolest things to say?

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