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Yesterday I had epic kitchen disasters when getting ready for the baby shower. The first round of miniquiches were turning into a Mardi Gras version.  Whoever finds that chunk of my thumb wins a prize!  I really should not be allowed to touch a microplaner when I’m in a hurry.  FYI, unless you have mini muffin tins to help them retain their shape, mini phyllo cups do not work for mini quiches.  They flatten and the filling runs everywhere.  I wound up racing to the grocery with only an hour to spare before the shower, to buy mini tart shells and make ANOTHER round of quiches, then show up fifteen minutes late for setup–only to find that NO ONE WAS THERE.  The damn shower is TODAY.  :headdesk:

Since I was home, I finished reading Maggie Stiefvater’s Ballad. It is made of awesomesauce.  It made me feel like Maggie didn’t really like Dee much as a character.  I really loved Lament, but I disliked Dee in this book for how she treated James.  And James winds up with his HEA, but Dee doesn’t.  Do you ever grow to dislike a character as a writer?  So far I haven’t.  But I expect there’s always a first time

I just started John Connolly’s The Book of Lost Things, which so far is beautifully written but I haven’t gotten far enough into to form an opinion about.

I’ve sold 34 copies in 5 days this month–which exceeds sales for the entire month of April by 5. So I am on target to sell between 180-200 copies this month, if this rate of sales continues, which will put me making enough total since March to cover my copyright and cover costs, after which everything will be profit.  This increased rate of sales has kept my ranking pretty high.  Consistently below 5k and more often in the 2-3k range.  Yesterday I woke up to this, which was pretty exciting:

Under 2k in the Kindle Store, on TWO bestseller category lists, one in the Kindle store and one in BOOKS overall. I didn’t stay there too long but it was really exciting.  I have no memory of listing myself in vampire romance, as there is only one vamp in the book and I’m not even sure we ever learn her name.  But maybe I did it to try to get myself more discovered.  Whatever.  Nobody has complained about it, so I guess I’ll leave it.

In totally non-writing related news, I am working on perfecting a recipe for baked mozzarella sticks. I am only telling you this because we all love mozzarella sticks and you will want to hop over to Pots and Plots to check it out once I get it posted.

And finally, of course, the Forsaken By Shadow review contest is still ongoing. We are at 17 + 1 hanging out in Amazon limbo.  If you’d like a FREE REVIEW COPY and a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card, please check details here.

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. Ha! I enjoy hearing kitchen disasters that aren’t my own.

    I did not enjoy Lament so I haven’t read the other. But Shiver manohman! Love it!

    Congrats on the sells!

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