No Write Weekend

After last weekend’s marathon writing session, I have been playing catch up this week, finishing all the things I neglected to skate in just over the finish line of my goal for MayNoWriMo.  Laundry.  Cleaning house (I’m talking sty here people).  Bill paying and checkbook balancing.  Food blogging for Pots and Plots.  Grocery shopping.  And many many other things.

My inspiration has been kind of low this week, with a lot of staring blankly at my WIP.  My Thursday night to myself was a total waste during which I spent a lot of time beating myself up for wasting time until Pot just told me to go to bed and get sleep.  She was right, of course.  She usually is.  Friday I took the small detail we’d figured out–what Dahlia’s ability is–and suddenly huge chunks of missing plot details fell into place.  I totally love it when this happens.  So now I’ve only got 2 details left to figure out, and that’s on my To Think About list for this weekend.  It’s ironic that so often when I get in these unproductive modes and feel like I’m wasting time, that on the other side of them, I usually have really good ideas.  That’s just hard to remember at the time.

I also am helping to co-host a baby shower for a friend today, so I’m about to haul my tushy in the kitchen to make up a batch of mini quiches.  I’m also totally cheating on the dessert portion of things by using store-bought cookies because the coordinator did not ask me to make dessert until the last minute and I picked mini quiches because I don’t bake desserts.  I really don’t feel like going and doing this.  I’d rather drop off the food and run.  But I won’t because I love my friend and I’m not that rude.  I will endure whatever random comments from the older adults present who won’t understand how I can be 30, married for 7 years, and not have or want kids yet.  Why women of that generation think they have any right to make such comments, I have no idea, but the older I get, the more often they seem to come.

Tomorrow I’m supposed to go help work on my motorcycle with my FIL.  Not really what I wanted to do with my Sunday, but he’s being nice enough to help (translate: do the work with me to hand him tools because I know almost zero) get it back into riding shape for my motorcycle license test, so show up I will.

I’m hoping somewhere in the middle of all this stuff I’ll figure out those two missing details for my plot so that I can hit the ground running next week.  I’d like to have a bigger chunk of Revelation knocked out for when Pot gets here in THIRTEEN DAYS!  So excited!

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