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In personally exciting news, I got this lovely review from Bookwyrm on Forsaken By Shadow. Thanks Nicole!

And a snippet to torture you with–the opening to my YA novel, Red, so you can see what’s been keeping me up at night (and yes, I made the text green just to be contrary):

I was thirteen when I found out why my mother left me.

The letter that came on my birthday that year was such a shock to my poor dad.  Given its contents, if I hadn’t been the one to snag the mail that day, I doubt he would ever have let me see it.

Given how he looks at me now—as if his beloved daughter has been replaced by a monster, one that can’t be evicted from the house because it still bears her face—I wish I hadn’t let him see it.

But at thirteen I couldn’t wrap my brain around the enormity of what my mother was imparting.  I thought it was a joke.  Dad thought she’d gone mad.  But everything has unfolded so much as she predicted that it’s hard to ignore the fact that she could be right.  That I am a monster, just waiting for the proper catalyst to be unleashed.

That I am cursed, as she was.

9 thoughts on “Red Teaser

  1. Very nice non-spoilery review for FBS, congrats on that….

    Red teaser excerpt is something that even when typed in green font makes me want more, NOW! Thanks for the snippet Kait and the book sounds really intriguing….

    jackie ^_^

  2. Well I have to say the positive response to Red makes me feel slightly less guilty for having decided to set aside my next planned Mirus project to write Red first. Gotta go with who’s talking!

  3. Humph. I wish I *was* independently wealthy so that I could have you as a writer in residence. Because I want the rest of that story. Now. 😛

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