The End (of 2010) Is Nearing!

First up, today I am guest blogging at Dun Scaith for Chris Kelly about strong heroines.  Also exciting, my peanut butter banana muffins made the Foodbuzz Top 9.

It is 9 weeks ’til Christmas.  O.O   (That’s my round-eyed panic face).  To whoever said that to @Wookiesgirl yesterday (which is where I heard it), you, sir, officially suck.  I was doing so well not panicking.

Okay, I’m not REALLY panicking.  There is no running around like a crazy person thinking OMG I MUST FINISH THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TODAY! This is largely because I already found what I’m getting my mother and she’s always the hardest person on the list.  I actually feel pretty okay about the shopping portion because, well, I’m not DOING a lot of shopping.  I’m doing a lot of BAKING.  Which can’t be done until last minute.  And ergo does not require panic.

But there’s something about putting the number of weeks til the end of the year in the single digits that makes me feel so RUSHED to finish stuff.   Like I’m on a train hurtling toward the end of the year and the adrenaline is PUMPING!  There are things I want to mark off as Accomplished In 2010.  Sadly there won’t be nearly as many as I would like.  Hubby’s leg break derailed a lot of stuff for about 6 months, and all the scrambling I did during that time to try to write and finish things–well it just didn’t work.  C’est la vie.  I certainly had hoped and expected to have more than 2 short things out this year (and by God, I WILL have Devil’s Eye ready to release in December if not sooner).  But it’s not like I’ve done nothing.  By January 1st I will have written 3 classes from scratch.  Helped found the Indie Book Collective.  Learned a lot about social media and marketing as an indie author.  Made a lot of fab new friends.  Improved myself as a food blogger.  And read a lot of great books.  So, it’s certainly not a lost year.

But I definitely hope to have more fiction produced next year.  I’m expecting to release my first YA, Red, sometime in the spring (March/April, I’m thinking).  Then I hope to plow through Edge of Shadow and have THAT ready to go by mid-summer in both e, and a compilation with Forsaken By Shadow for a print version.  And I’d like to have a third book ready to release by December of 2011.  Not sure what that will be.  When I finish EoS, I may be ready for a break from the Mirus, which might mean finally starting my kitchen witch series.  We’ll just have to see where my brain is then.  Either way, that’s the plan. Of course anybody who’s followed me this year knows that “The best laid plans of mice and men…”  and all that.  We’ll see how it shakes out.

4 thoughts on “The End (of 2010) Is Nearing!

  1. The more I put myself on a schedule, the less I get done. I’ve always been this way. People have been asking me right and left when Heroes ‘Til Curfew will be coming out, and it seems like every time I say “by the end of the year, I hope!” it gets harder to actually work on it. And that stuff that happened at my house at the end of August totally dumped me on my ass.

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