Ahem, The End

First a couple of announcement type things:

Today I am guest posting at Amanda Hocking’s blog about Keeping The Faith.   I am also being interviewed by the Indie Book Collective about Forsaken By Shadow, which is the book of the month.

And on to the more important announcement: I did it.

I got rid of my husband on Saturday (No, I didn’t kill him!  What do you take me for?  I sent him over to hang out with a friend for male bonding: beer, football, and man food.) and wrote ALL DAY.  I wrote on Saturday what I normally write in a week.  Got through my major confrontation by bed.  Then Sunday I knocked the last of it out.

The End.

And then I went out to my in laws’ and finished putting my Honda NX250 back together and took my first ride in a freaking YEAR.  But that’s a whole other story I won’t get into now.

Devil’s Eye is a complete story.  It’s not FINISHED.  I desperately need revisions and must fill in the assorted brackets I left.  Like kisses I was too impatient to write out.  Some details about my second pinch point in setting.  And generally going through to trace each thread to make sure that it’s clear and complete.

But I hit The End, which has done more for my self esteem this year than anything else.  I’ve been really disheartened and down on myself because I hadn’t finished anything since January (when I hit The End on FBS).  Ten months later, I’ve written about 60k more words, that’s resulted only in one 23k novella.  But you know what, that’s okay.  It’s been a bear of a year with hubby’s leg break and everything that followed that, so I’m just gonna call that 6 month stretch–I was going to say a waste, but that’s not right.  Well I’m not sure what I’m gonna call it, but I’m going to ignore it.  I’ll still get my second title out this year (no matter how short) and that’s what matters (to me anyway).

Anyway, diving into revisions today and hoping to have it to Pot in a couple of days for first major critique.  With luck, she’ll be able to do a quick turn around, so that I can use my alone time this coming weekend to tackle the serious stuff.  And MAYBE, just MAYBE, I can get it to betas by the end of next week.  Volunteers who aren’t doing or need a break from NaNo?

7 thoughts on “Ahem, The End

  1. Hurray!! I have to say that it’s shocking how much beta stuff comes up during Nano. But I guess it because there are so many projects shooting for Christmastime release, and other stuff, like yours and mine, just plain behind schedule. Maybe next year we should just do our own Novel Critique Month. NoCritMo. OSSLT.

  2. Many congrats! Hitting the end of the first draft has got to be one of the most rewarding aspects of writing. Other than seeing your sells rank boost to the top, that is. 🙂

    Good job!

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