Sunday Summary

  1. First and foremost, Daylight Savings Time is OVER. Don’t forget to roll your clock back an hour or you’ll be showing up to work early in the morning–and who wants to do THAT?  I happen to be thrilled because I object a WHOLE lot more to getting up in the pitch black in the mornings (which assures my brain that sane people should be SLEEPING) than getting off work when it’s almost dark in the evenings.
  2. I wrote 3189 words yesterday–I think. I did a bit of rewriting of some other stuff so there might have been more.  That’s what I remembered to count.  For me, that’s normally about what I manage in  WEEK.  I am on the last chapter of Devil’s Eye.  As I was writing the final fight scene last night–while listening to the score from 300, which is AMAZING–I had a massive breakthrough.  It was one of those cases where I’d been pantsing some of the details and thinking “oh well this sounds good, though I’m not exactly sure how it works.”  I finally figured out exactly what the lore I’d written MEANT and how the curse would be broken and it helps to start tying up my romantic arc so nicely.  I just need to write the other half of that bow this morning.  I freaking LOVE it when something comes together like that.
  3. I will not tell you how much time I spent playing Cut the Rope to procrastinate. For those who don’t know, it is a game made by the same people who created Angry Birds.  ADDICTIVE.
  4. As a general announcement, Pabst Blue Ribbon beer makes the absolute, positively BEST BEER BREAD EVER. Just sayin’.  I’ll be posting a recipe later this week over at Pots and Plots.
  5. Tomorrow I’m guest posting over at Amanda Hocking’s blog (thanks Amanda!), so be sure to swing by and check that out.
  6. Must go write my Happy For Now. What?  The whole story takes place in less than 24 hours. HFN is exactly what’s called for.

One thought on “Sunday Summary

  1. Oh, Cut The Rope, why did I have to find you? I agree; I spent too much time playing it this weekend, too. But it’s just so fun. Who could resist?

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