I am curled up on the sofa this morning wearing my big fluffy robe and snugged up with a blanket because it is 34 degrees outside and we had a good frost last night (YES!  I have allergies, sue me).  I am four scenes away from the end of Devil’s Eye, so this weekend I’m sequestering myself with my book.  Hubs is going over to a friend’s house for male bonding and football, and I’m going to have peace and quiet but for the clickety clack of my keyboard.

I am going to finish this freaking book.

So I probably won’t be around much on Twitter or elsewhere, as I am trying to limit distractions.  We won’t talk about how much time I spent yesterday at I Haz A Hotdog.  I might even get brave enough to TURN OFF THE WIRELESS ENTIRELY.  I know.  Crazy talk.

Meanwhile, I got this fabulous review of Forsaken By Shadow from Paromantasy.  Thanks Evie!

I’ll be back.  And hopefully soon, you’ll be seeing THIS available to read.

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