Sunday Summary

This one is gonna be short. I am in the land of no Internet (aka my grandma’s house) and I am doing this on my phone.

1. My mom and I are in Texas visiting my grandma who is in swingbed. She’s recently gotten out of the hospital again and my mom is having to face the issue of the failing health of her mom. It’s really tough on her.
2. In about half an hour I shall be having lunch with the fabulous Claire Legrand, who is driving down to meet me. There is much Squee and excitement.
3. I have gotten my anthology story outlined and am working on developing my heroine, Isla. Hoping to get that written over Christmas break.
4. I am still not quite done with my Christmas shopping. Can’t think too hard about it. There will be much baking.
5. I am so so grateful for my iPhone. Just sayin’. It’s keeping me sane.
6. Not sure when I will post again. Hope to be coming home Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Watch out for that auto correct, it can be a pain. At first I enjoyed the swipe key board on my droid, but because of my thick fingers it is driving me nuts, which really isn’t a far drive.
    I do hope your Grandmother gets better, she is in my thoughts.

  2. I hear you on #5! My iPhone totally is all that keeps me sane sometimes.

    I hope the baking and all the visits go well! Have a safe trip home, too.

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