Back From the Great Beyond

Okay, really my grandmother’s house, which is the land of no internet.  OMG y’all, if I hadn’t had my iPhone, I’d have been in the nuthouse.  She’s back in the nursing home (which is an improvement from the hospital), but it’s looking like she may not improve enough to come home, which has us all sad.  We shall see however.  I steam cleaned her carpets as a Christmas present, which made her quite happy.

In other random news, during a conversation with my uncle’s pastor, he (the pastor) asked what I did, and I told him I teach at the university.  And my mother pipes up that I write too, which I found interesting.  It was unexpected.  There was a LOT of other stuff going on, so it wasn’t the time to mention it, but it is a step in the right direction.

I am DONE with my Christmas shopping, which is a relief.  I’m down to just the baking, which I shall start next week.

While in Texas, I got to hook up with the fabulous Claire Legrand for lunch and Targeting.  She is adorable, and we now have matching socks.  There are reindeer.  Because we are mutually awesome like that.

I have the short story for the indie paranormal anthology all mapped out.  Need to do some brainstorming on the bad guy, but I’m pleased with that.  Now that I’m home I am gearing up to do any necessary revisions on Devils Eye, but I’m not sure if it will be out by Christmas or not, as my CPs are in the usual time crunch this time of year, which I totally knew could happen, so they will get to it when they are able and then I shall do whatever needs doing.  In the meantime I shall be working on Isla’s story (she’s the heroine of the anthology story that REALLY needs a title…).

Tomorrow I am doing a Kindle Kisses giveaway of 10 copies of Stacey Wallace Benefiel‘s Day of Sacrifice! Don’t miss it!

6 thoughts on “Back From the Great Beyond

  1. Where in Texas did you visit, Kait? We’ve had some up and down temperatures lately. Hope it was moderate while you were here.

    And that’s good news about your mother. Sounds like she’s defrosting.

  2. Glad your grandmother is better…bummer that she can’t come home.

    Isn’t it awesome to be done with the shopping? I finished mine up on Satuday…now if I can just get it all wrapped! I try not to cop out and do the gift bag thing. I like to have some actually wrapped gifts with bows and the whole works if I can get it to work out. But we will have to see.

    I just read your excerpt from Red. That book sounds like it’s going to be great. I can’t wait until you get it out. First things first though you’ve got to get Devil’s Eye out first and I’m looking forward to reading it to.

    Glad you made it safely back home. I know I would be lost without my Blackberry as well. What did we do before all these gadgets?!

    1. Devil’s Eye isn’t all that far from finished (I don’t think), but we shall see what my primary CP says when she’s able to get to it.

    1. Ha! Tell it to stop SNOWING! It’s the constant snow days that’s kept her small child home from school (and in need of entertainment) that has sucked up the time she was going to spend on it! They’ve been out every day this week and some last.

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