Inspiration Alley: Solstice Eclipse

So yesterday morning in the wee hours there was a full lunar eclipse, the first one to occur on a solstice in something like 500 years.  We won’t have another until 2094.   Being into the paranormal and mythology, I have always been fascinated by the role of the solstice in various lore.  To add a lunar eclipse to that already rich tradition just makes my imagination SPARK.  The darkest night and longest night, all wrapped up in one.

I had absolute intention of staying up to watch it, but well, I didn’t make it.  And even though I woke up to go to the bathroom at the right time, when I went outside it was CLOUDY.  So unfair.  But some kind soul filmed it and made a time-lapse video, so those of us with lousy weather or, you know, jobs, still got to see the cool.

What kind of story does that make YOU envision?

7 thoughts on “Inspiration Alley: Solstice Eclipse

  1. Oh, man, that was so awesome. I wanted to stay up, but it was probably cloudy at my house, too.

    It was kind of spooky, especially with the music. It almost made me want to dream up a whole new creature that no one has written about yet. :0)

  2. This makes me think of a sense of urgency. As you said the other day, the whole event lasts only four hours, and to me it seems like a cosmic stopwatch, counting down. To what, I don’t know, but you’re right — there’s certainly a lot of potential in such an event. Great video, thanks for posting!

  3. Thanks for the video link! I shared it with my family. Yesterday morning, I wrote down on a piece of paper on the kitchen island ‘Moon..eclipse…tonight’. But, of course, after a long day, I forgot about it that evening. Any stories I can think of would be dark…very dark…but the light returns at the end.

  4. It was much too cloudy here in our corner of Oregon last night… As it almost always is. It *is* Oregon, after all.

    This immediately makes me think of some kind of prophetic alignment for a kingly event or return or something. My books have a lot of Celtic imagery… This plays right into my imagination. High time for battle, I think… “The mountain bleeds when the moon runs red….” Ooh, I might have to work that in to my WIP, “Bloodbonded.” 🙂

    Thanks for the video… Us poor souls who live where the sun rarely shines appreciate it!


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