Stuff and Things and A #ROW80 Update

So it was a good birthday.  There was hibatchi.  I’m still stuffed to the gills.  I got FLOWERS from my sweet hubby.  Some sassy daisies in a smiley face vase.  Had my ebook habit supported with Barnes and Noble gift cards, my food blogging and recipe endeavors furthered by a copy of The Living Cookbook (the world’s coolest recipe management software–thanks Pot!), a new iphone case that will transport me to the old west because it looks and smells like saddle leather–mmm, and got the sunrise alarm clock I’ve been wanting.  I tried the latter out this morning.  Hubby was like, “Did it work?”  He’s been skeptical because I sleep in a mask.  I, of course, didn’t answer because whether it works or not, I’m not a morning person and ergo I wasn’t coherent enough to answer.  I actually feel awake now, which is often not the case, so maybe it helped?

I started reading Geist by Phillipa Ballentine this morning.  It’s the first paper book I’ve dived into this year.  Was print this small before?  Because I don’t remember it being this small.  Yet every other print book I’ve picked up this year has been tiny print.  I’ve become so accustomed to being able to adjust the font size on my Nook that I think I’ve gotten spoiled.  Not like I don’t see well, but being able to magnify it certainly helps save the eyes.

In random news, you can now subscribe to this blog via Livejournal (see the link over there to the right?).  Thanks to Dana for setting that up.

On the ROW80 front I have nada to report.  I figured out where I was going wrong in the scene I’m on, but I haven’t actually DONE anything to fix it yet.  Yesterday was all birthday, Monday was hyper/distraction, and Sunday…where was I Sunday?  Oh right, I was out of town.  I won’t have anything to report THIS Sunday either because we leave in the morning for Texas to help dismantle my grandmother’s house, and I’ll be busy and away from internet, other than what I can do from my phone.  C’est la vie.  Once we get back, all the drama should mostly be over and we should be back to a routine.  That will help.  Meanwhile, today will be overloaded with trip prep around work–laundry, food prep, etc.  May you all have better writing this week than I.

8 thoughts on “Stuff and Things and A #ROW80 Update

    1. Yes, I love my nook and prefer it over the Kindle as it reads more formats, does not restrict me to shopping at Barnes and Noble, and works with my library’s ebook program.

  1. Happy Birthday! Glad you had a wonderful time. Yep, the print is just too small in some books now. Even with reading glasses I have a hard time reading some of them. They didn’t take into account old eyes unfortunately when they made the print so small. And I am so thankful can change the font sizes in my Nook. Love it. Good luck with packing up your grandmother’s house.

  2. Happy Birthday Kait!

    I wouldn’t call it a fail. Everyone gets a day off. More if they need them.
    Always on birthdays. Just jump in when you can – I don’t envy you the ’empty the house’ duties 🙂 Good luck with that!

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