Update And Recipe Round Up

I know, I’ve been away.  We got my uncle moved, my grandmother’s house dismantled, and since we returned, she’s taken a dramatic turn for the worse.  We don’t think she has more than a couple of days.  I’ve still been cooking, of course, but I haven’t had it in me to make actual posts of it.  Until things settle here, I’m sure I’ll be away a while longer.  But I thought I’d at least post links to some of the things I’ve been cooking:

Baked Polenta Fries: This was our first experience with polenta and we really liked it!  It’s a definite keeper for gluten-free eaters and regular eaters alike.

Gluten Free Shake and Bake: This was really tasty.  I used it to coat baked chicken nuggets and was very happy with the results.  This is another one that would appeal to anybody.

Gluten Free Hamburger Buns: Hands down the best gluten free burger bun recipe I’ve found.  I’ll do a more in depth post about the adaptations I made and how I kept them from going flat.

I know we’ve had other stuff, but these are what I remember.

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