Sunday Summary

  1. The funeral is this afternoon. Family is coming in, so it will be good to see folks.  There will be more storytelling, which is the part of grieving that I actually enjoy.  Inevitably there are stories I haven’t heard about the family yet, and that’s kind of fun.
  2. I’m about ready to crawl the walls, I’m so twitchy. Ready to get back to my own space, my own bed, my own ROUTINE without the threat of having to drop everything and run.  That will go a long way for all of us being able to heal and move on.  It’s been a roller coaster 4 months, especially for my mom and uncle, who’ve had the biggest changes.  Everybody’s earned some peace.
  3. Hubs and I are about to hit the healthy HARD. Both our weights have backslid since Christmas.  I’ve had FOUR pairs of jeans split next to the pocket corners, which has been a combination of the fact that jeans are ALL I wear most of the time and they all wore out at the same time, and additional stress from my derriere having increased in size.  Ugh.  So, yeah, really into hitting the healthy.  End of April I’m gonna be back to my pre-Christmas weight.  If I say it in public, it’s more likely to happen.
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    In reading news, I’m reading Heck: Where The Bad Kids Go, which is flipping HILARIOUS. It totally makes it worth the agonizing boredom of being forced to read Paradise Lost and Dr. Faustus in high school just so I get all the literary jokes.  It’s an MG but definitely appealing to adults with a literary sense of humor.

  5. I have not written in 22 days. Yeesh.  Gonna be a mega case of page fright when I finally sit down with Red again.
  6. I really, really miss my dogs. Mom’s dog Teddy is sweet, but she’s not a cuddler like my Callie.  The dogs are just so much a part of our life that it’s weird to be away from them.
  7. To all those who rose to my defense against a recent commenter on my blog, y’all are awesome.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. When my Dad died, it felt like we were in limbo until after the funeral – which was a week later. THEN we felt that we could breathe again, and begin to heal. I’m hoping it’ll be the same for you guys.

    The person who’s gone never stops being a part of you, and you never really stop missing them, but it DOES hurt less as time passes. :’)

    PS “Eric” by Terry Pratchett is another very funny take on the Faust legend, if you’re interested. 🙂

  2. Stay strong , Kait and do allow yourself some emotional down time after this. As far as getting back to writing. I found that it was just that, writing, that has gotten me through my roughest days. I’ll send you some of my recipes (gluten free of course) over the next couple of weeks. Maybe you’ll find some of them to your liking. It’s always nice to have a change. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Take care of yourself. The writing will come back when you’re ready to deal with it.

    I understand about the weight thing. During times of crisis, you shouldn’t worry about it. When you’re back to some semblance of normal, then you can work on that.

    That commenter had no clue. LOL

  4. Now that I’ve lumped all my blog subscriptions into one weekly post I’m always behind. It seems our families might be similar when it comes to deaths in the family. The days before the funeral… and right up the moment we enter the church, it’s a whirlwind of happiness and good times. Story telling, laughter, eating, visitors. Even now, I think back to the days before my grandmother’s funeral and can’t help but smile.

    Sending blessings to your family and happy memories to drown out the sorrows.

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