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So my poison oak finally cleared up.  Big yay.  Because the itching, it was driving me nuts.  Of course, now I’ve been hit by a serious case of Sexy Next Book.  I am SO CRUSHING on these new characters.  It’s not like anything I’ve ever done before (a new YA) and involves TIME TRAVEL.

I’m being good and still working on Red (getting back in the groove starting yesterday), but I’m frantically scribbling notes and filling out details in a new Blueprint.  Which is what I do when there’s a Sexy Next Book.  If a book idea can survive the Blueprint, which is massive and potentially scary endeavor, then it survives beyond just Sexy Next Book crushing and into something worthy of actually spending TIME on.  Something with, you know, a PLOT.  I don’t have the basics of the plot yet.  It’s largely characters so far, and some situations.

But OH, the relationship angst possibilities with this hero and heroine!  :claps:  They are going to have such a strange and interesting relationship with all this rich history and…well, it’s still in Sooper Seekrit Project phase so I won’t say any more.  Just know that my eyes are glittering with excitement and I’m ready to kick Elodie and Sawyer into high gear to get through this long climactic sequence and finish the bloody book!  Of course then there’s Riven next in the pipeline and then we’ll see…  But I really think this one will survive into Real Book phase.

I know.  I’m such a tease.  Ta for now!

3 thoughts on “Sooper Seekrit Sexy Next Book

  1. I’m just catching up with your posts — sorry to hear about the house. Our first house took forever to sell and there were people looking at it every day (all seven in the week) for months. Keeping the house clean with two kids was so stressful. I have full confidence that this will work out for the best. — there’s some dream house out there just waiting to go on the market that you haven’t seen yet or that house you were looking at will suddenly be a real bargain. I’m an annoying optimist sometimes.

    I like it when sexy new book simmers in the background it makes writing fun again and takes the stress off current project. Have fun!

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