Play Day

I had a really lovely play day in Birmingham with my dear BFF Christine yesterday.  She lives like 12 hours away usually, so we only normally see each other once a year during my annual visit in January.  But she and the kids were down to see the in laws, which is WAY closer to me, so we met halfway.  Had a fabulous lunch at Tratoria Centrale (who, for the record, have a magnificent arrabiata penne and dark chocolate gelato), then went to take a tour or Arlington House, which was quite interesting.  Then a long afternoon of hiking around the Galleria and just chatting.  It’s been approximately a coon’s age since we had a chance to hang out without the kids (not that we don’t love the kids but, you know what I mean).

Over the course of the day I kept checking my email because my darling, awesome CP Susan, who is THE BEST CP EVAR, was plowing through Red and I kept stopping to read her comments on each chapter.  There was shockingly less pink as she progressed (all her notes are in pink, hence why she is The PINK Hammer and not just The Hammer), and sections that I’d thought were a wreck, she mostly thought were fine.  It is a perpetual surprise to me, whenever I get a crit back from Susan, that apart from very obvious things I know she’s going to bust me on (like getting to a big dramatic moment and inserting [kissy stuff] because I don’t feel like diving into that at the time), she always winds up busting me on things I never thought were an issue and then NOT busting me on stuff I thought was a disaster.  But which is why we work.  Because we think TOTALLY DIFFERENTLY.  Anyway, she actually beat Laurie the Speed Reading McLean (who’s reading on the plane today) and I think I can probably tackle all or most of the revisions this weekend.  WOO HOO.  So it looks very much like I can probably dive back into Mirus stuff Next Week.  Yeeha!

Off to my old stomping grounds in Oxford for work today.  Which means I get to have lunch at AJAX (OMG the jalapeno cornbread and squash casserole, how I have missed you!) and some time tromping around the Square before getting town to business.


2 thoughts on “Play Day

  1. Treasure every moment with your BFF, Kait, because I miss mine terribly. She lived 8 hours away, but we saw each other a few times a year. It’s great that you got to see Christine an extra time this year. Sounds like you had loads of fun.

    Susan just rocks, doesn’t she? I can’t believe she’s already done. The release of Red is getting closer and closer. I can’t wait!

    Mmmm….jalapeno cornbread and squash casserole. I am SO jealous!

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