#ROW80 Check-In and An Order

Hear ye, hear ye!  Go forth and check out, “like”, and favorite the hot new book trailer for Susan Bischoff’s Hush Money!

How fun is that?

So…on the writing front.  I have been ordered to write something for fun.  My brain has been very busy.  Monday I did a bunch of work on the blueprint for the first kitchen witch book.  The main points are there, but I still don’t know the answer to how a kitchen witch kicks ass when her strengths are in the kitchen rather than Buffy-style physical prowess.  And while I’ve had entertaining daydreams involving cast iron skillets (Tangled anyone?) and Ginsu knifes, it’s not quite there yet.  Whenever I figure it out, though, I’m so on it.

Yesterday I went back to the last book I was working on when I got bitten by the paranormal bug again.  It’s a Mississippi-based romantic suspense with a ghost story twist, left from when I was working on branding myself with Murder and Magnolias.  It has absolutely NOTHING to do with any series I currently have planned.  It’s not really paranormal (even though it has ghosts).  It’s totally standalone. And it has none of the pressures attached to…pretty much everything I’ve been working on or planned.

I reread the last version of it (I had a few incarnations–as this was also the last thing I wrote before I discovered story structure). I had totally forgotten how much I really loved these characters.  And the eight chapters I wrote (of the last version–there was 3/4ths of a book before that that totally fell victim to a horrific case of complicatitis) before I abandoned it for wolf-shifters were great.  Good characterization, good pacing, great tone and voice. So I moved everything over into a Write Way Pro file, identified my major plot points and pinch points, salvaged a few more scenes from a prior draft and wound up with 31k of usable book.  I’ve been following the plot threads and filling in the gaps of the outline with what I know is coming.  And I’m going to play.

But in the meantime, I’m going to see B.B. King (well, I’m writing this Tuesday night.  By now I’ve already seen him).

14 thoughts on “#ROW80 Check-In and An Order

  1. Now you have me daydreaming on how to use food as weapons. Walnut shell caltrops, flaming bottles of alcohol, pepper box sneeze bombs, and jalapeno juice squirt guns… I have the wickedest food fight in my head!

      1. Hehe… Steal away. Also add in to that gallons of rotten milk explode upon dropping (making people that get splashed with hurl if they aren’t used to it). Not to mention rotten milk smell is very hard to get out of leather.

  2. You sound more relaxed in this post. When you mentioned the cooking witch I immediately thought of egg-bombs (ninja’s made them historically for smoke, flash and lock breaks; hard boiled, hollowed, refill, fuse) and began to wonder how various spices (other than those Gloria mentioned) might be used or magically manipulated as weapons. Thyme controls time? Sage shows answers? etc. Maybe not, but a thought all the same.

    All the best for you week, Kait.

  3. Hi Kait,
    We (The Brazen Broads) are new to your challenge, and wanted to stop by and say we’re ‘officially’ signed up! I (Moira) have been hearing about this ROW through fellow blogger/writer friends. My sister (Mina) and I have decided to join in and see where it takes us. It’s just amazing that you’ve put such a great challenge together.

  4. Wow, fun writing sure has given you a bunch of energy. That’s what makes this job so fun. Keep up the good work.

  5. Ohhhh…. how was BB King? I wonder if his concert will be incorporated into any words you write… play is always an important aspect of my writing process…. good luck to you and keep writing. 31K is AWESOME!

  6. I think a kitchen witch would be great at potions. Also, when researching for Six Keys, I ran across some Ozark witch folklore that might come in handy for you. I recommend Vance Randolph, as well as witch balls and poppets. I’m interested to see what you end up with! 🙂

    PS- Good luck on your goals.

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