Something Southern: B.B. King

Tuesday night I had the rare and amazing opportunity to go see B.B. King.  He was playing for the Lyceum Series at my local university.  It’s not often you get to see him at all, and it’s rarer still that he gets to play in his home state.  Talk about a proud Mississippian.  It was an intimate venue (compared to a big coliseum), small enough that the crowd could call out and he would hear them.

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B.B. King is 86, still amazing, and funny as all get out.  He spent the whole show cracking jokes and teasing his bandmates and dancing in his chair while he coaxed Lucille to sing. And it was so special because he had a bunch of family members there (we’re only two hours from his hometown of Itta Bena).  He brought his granddaughter out on stage and you could just TELL that at ten, she’s already a diva.  So cute.

This man.  Oh. My.  God.  What a talented musician.  Such a ground breaker.  I mean, he’s been playing guitar for SEVENTY YEARS!  He’s become the gold standard for guitarists everywhere.  I heard him play ten years ago, but honestly, it was back when I was in college and didn’t have the appreciation for his talent that I do now.  I really didn’t get into blues until afterward.

Hubby the photographer got a press pass and was able to take pics during the first part of the show.  He was ten yards away with B. B. grinning right at him.  I think it made his life.

I can safely say that the thrill is most definitely not gone, and I am proud to be a Mississippian.

8 thoughts on “Something Southern: B.B. King

  1. I saw BB live at a small coffee house in Ottawa in 1968/69. It was a great show. He’s such a talented player. I have a DVD about him titled ‘Lightning In a Bottle’. Worth watching if you can find a copy.

  2. Sounds like one of those heart pounding moments in our lives we’ll remember forever. What a treat!

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