Something Southern: Coke

We Southerners have a reputation for laziness in certain sectors.  One of the most well-known is in how we deal with soft drinks.  All soft drinks/pops/sodas (for you Yankees and midwesterners) are Coke. I actually come from a Coca-cola family (my great granddaddy owned a Coca-cola bottling plant in the Mississippi Delta forever ago), so it’s […]

Something Southern: Pin of the Week

I love this old abandoned store from Grits Photography.  I keep wanting to take one and restore it for somebody in Wishful.  It reminds me of what Taylor Grocery would be if there wasn’t so much love keeping it running. Also in the realm of southern, I’m getting back to my food blogging over at […]

Something Southern: Cornbread Dressin’

We’re coming up on Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and that brings up a great and powerful debate: Dressin’ (no there is no “g”) vs. Stuffing In the South, the rule is hands down cornbread dressin’.  And it goes in a casserole dish, not inside the bird itself (which is a highly questionable practice from […]

Something Southern: SEC Football

I’m up to my eyeballs in the final stretch of my book, so I’m turning this over to three other writers who have captured the absolute effervescent joy I’m feeling over the Ole Miss and Mississippi State victories this past Saturday.   1. One big Saturday in Mississippi: Ole Miss upsets Alabama as Mississippi State […]