Something Southern: Do You Want A Coke?

One of our little quirks down here in the Deep South is our habit of using a particular brand name for something as the generic name for all things in that category.  All tissue is Kleenex.  All weed whackers are Weedeaters.  The one that is, perhaps, the most perplexing to non-Southerners is the fact that […]

Something Southern: Sausage Balls

*I am crazy busy, so we’re talking food today and I’m robbing an old post from my food blog, Pots and Plots. No Southern party or get together is ever complete without the inclusion of sausage balls.  These meatball size bundles of meaty, cheesy deliciousness are nothing in the realm of healthy (though you can […]

Something Southern: A Come To Jesus Talk

This one is for Mhairi Simpson, to whom I had to explain this phrase over the weekend. In the South, there is a particular phenomena referred to as a Come to Jesus Talk.  As in: If you don’t clean your room, we’re gonna be having a come to Jesus talk, young man. To my mind, […]

My Latest Obsession: Hart of Dixie

I don’t often watch TV apart from the stuff my husband and I watch together.  Mostly it’s a lack of time issue.  Limited free time that has to be split between writing and reading and other stuff.  So I don’t end up watching stuff unless I get unexpected free time–AKA sick days.  Usually my go […]

Something Southern: B.B. King

Tuesday night I had the rare and amazing opportunity to go see B.B. King.  He was playing for the Lyceum Series at my local university.  It’s not often you get to see him at all, and it’s rarer still that he gets to play in his home state.  Talk about a proud Mississippian.  It was […]