Mid-Week #ROW80 Check-In

My feet hurt less this morning.  So do the rest of my muscles.  I have hope that jogging will feel more normal by next week.  Won’t get to jog tomorrow, as it’s supposed to be all wrath of God, Noah’s arc, flooding nasty.  And I get to drive in it for work.  Awesome.

Things are moving right along on the writing front.  Sunday: 612.  Monday: 668.  Tuesday: 617.  Nothing outstanding, and not far above my test mile minimum of 600, but there’s been lots of distraction and a bit of fumbling through some of these scenes.

It’s odd, really.  I used to love Act 1 of books.  Back in my pantsing days, that was the clearest part, the most connected I was to the heroine.  Now…she’s crystal clear AFTER the FPP but I’m struggling through the set up and how she is BEFORE.  But today I’m up to the inciting incident.  It’s a pivotal scene, one that really begins the emotional shift, so I’m hoping to get through this and really start to hit my stride with Bree.  She’s a challenge of a character for me.  Unlike most of my heroines who start out strong and kick ass and take control, Bree has to grow into that.  Which means she’s much harder for me to relate to on the front end.

I’ve also started blueprinting a new/old project.  Something I came up with two or three years ago, jotted down the basics for, and never returned to.  It’s a YA (or more probably, New Adult) novella trilogy.  The characters started waving at me the other day.  They’ve evidently been quite busy in my subconscious while I’ve been focused on other things.

In any event, I’m pleased with this and am just going to keep chugging on along.

5 thoughts on “Mid-Week #ROW80 Check-In

  1. I appreciate your honesty with your character struggles. I need to do more of that in my ROW80 check ins, but sometimes I can’t even put my struggles into words. Good luck figuring out your character and with your new/old YA/NA idea.

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