Hello World, I’m Still Alive

:peeks out at world:

Oh look at that.  You’re still here.  The worst stretch of this week is over, and I’ve totally retreated to my office cave.  My brain is slowing down from the hyperactive zombie hamster invasion (if that sounds inefficient, it totally was and is what leads to such things as hands being crushed by falling window sashes).

I’ve gotten back all mobility in my fingers, and about 50% mobility in my thumb on the crushed by window hand.  My left thumb–well it’s just going to suck until the skin grows back on that knuckle.  PSA: Cheese graters are DANGEROUS PEOPLE!  I have done every conceivable organizing thing on assorted projects that must be done this week, so I should manage to wrangle it that I don’t have to actually interact with anyone more than 5 or 10 minutes the rest of the week at work.

:sigh of relief:

I managed to get through all of Wednesday without further maiming myself.  Given the way the rest of the week was going, I consider this a major accomplishment. Just to be safe, I skipped my workout yesterday morning.  Didn’t think it prudent to touch weights or heavy equipment.

It was actually quite a nice birthday considering I had to work.  One of the trainees brought in donuts for my birthday.  Susan gave me Gerard Butler.  I had an inbox, FB wall, and Twitter stream full of lovely well wishers.  Hubby got me a CREME BRULEE TORCH!  Obviously I am not touching it until current klutzy streak is over.  My sweet in laws got me this GORGEOUS cover for my Nook Tablet. :pets the pretty:

We went out for Mexican for dinner and I got to wear the birthday sombrero.  Nothing makes up for a shitty week like a giant sombrero and a strawberry margarita.  I’m just sayin’.  I did my first tequila shot too.  First shot of anything ever actually.  It came with the hat.  I’m still trying to sort out whether Pepto will stop the burning…  Yeah, that’s me.  Wild and crazy chick.

I also read through all of Act 1 of DOTH (I’m working on the FPP now), and but for one scene that I hated (and have since, I think, figured out how to fix–maybe), I loved it.  There are clunky passages and things to clean up, but I’m really pleased.  I actually wrote last night for the first time since Sunday.  It’s a tricky scene and I need to think about the imagery I want to use to portray what’s going on.  But…yeah.  I was really really pleased with the first 25k.  So the week is looking up!

10 thoughts on “Hello World, I’m Still Alive

  1. I’m SO glad things are looking up. And then there’s TOMORROW! Squeeeeee! I can’t wait.

    I’m glad you had such a great birthday. I actually bought one of those covers for my daughter-in-law’s Kindle for her birthday…and of course, I had to get me one too! LOL

    I love the sombrero picture. I got to do the birthday sombrero once. But a shot of tequila didn’t come with mine….

    Way to go on the writing!

  2. Happy belated birthday! And ouch on the cheese grater. I once had a run in with one of those mandolin slicer things in the kitchen. >.< Cooking can be risky business. Good luck with the torch!

  3. Yay to three things: 1) things are looking up. Don’t you just love it when the funk you were living in gives way to stunshine, daisies, birds singining…sorry, I was watching Disney movies last night 😉
    Anyway – yay to that! Yay #2 is for the fact that another Kait Nolan book is on the way – woo hoo! And, I saved the best for last, a huge double-decker Yay to Tequila! That is my favorite drink in the world. My solution for everything is: “Tequila and chocolate always makes it better”…lol Add a huge sombrero and I think you are ready for a great 2012.

  4. Hey Kait! I’ve been out of town and missed your birthday. Sorry to hear you had a horrible, no good week but glad the birthday celebration went well. I covet that Nook cover and the shot AND Gerard Butler. I don’t look good in sombreros but you looked adorable! Have a wonderful weekend—- you deserve it! Happy Belated Birthday!

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