Kait and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


6:03 AM: Message on Zune that there was an error and it has to delete all content.  Years of collected audiobooks lost.

6:07 AM: Computer refuses to recognize Zune to reload running playlist.

6:10 AM: Attempts to find playlist file in order to load it onto iPhone total fail.  Ran anyway.

7:01 AM: Deodorant falls into toilet.

7:15 AM: Accidentally bump left thumb (which I had grated nearly to the bone the night before) against the doorframe.  Scream.

7:17 AM: Apply liquid bandage (because of course you can’t keep a bandaid on a thumb knuckle).  Scream again.

8:03 AM: Walk out the door to get to work by 8:15, realize I’m on fumes.  Go get gas.  Late to work.

8:30 AM-12:30 PM: Trapped in conference room for second day running.  Make use of time by updating the tags on my 560 hours of mp3s.

12:35 PM: Shockingly freed from conference room to take care of other duties.  Get back to editing the 45 page report dumped on me last week.  Discover grad student doesn’t understand Endnote and has effed up 90% of the citations.

2:00 PM: Slip out to library to pick up book they had on hold for me.  No parking due to random class on how to use a Kindle or something.

2:30 PM: Return to office and find out I’ve got to go out of town next week.  Twice.  On project from hell.

4:30 PM: Leave office early, try to weedeat the yard.  Run out of battery.

4:45 PM: Vacuum house.  Mop.  Run out of floor cleaner.

5:15 PM: Realize I’ve left the paperwork I printed for the meeting photog hubby and I had with bride that night.  Go back to the office to get it.

6:15 PM: Sun’s down, temps dropped, go around to close all the windows I opened, had window sash crash on my uninjured hand.  Screamed again, burst into tears.  More blood and bruising.  Nothing broken (lone bright spot).

7:15 PM: Leave house for meeting with bride.  Forget to put the casserole in the oven before we walked out.

9:30 PM: Finish DVRed episode of NCIS: LA.  Naturally, it’s a 1 of 2 cliffhanger.

9:45 PM: Day is blessedly over.

Can I have a do over?

14 thoughts on “Kait and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

  1. And here I thought I had a bad day yesterday…’twas nothing compared to yours. Methinks you should have stayed home today, just to make up for it (and to protect your hands from more injury…ow!).

    Hope today’s going better (not sure how it couldn’t be…). 🙂

  2. My daddy always says that sometimes it just rains Sh!t. He is so right. I hope today is better. For what it’s worth, I had my own version of this day. Maybe it was the moon cycle?

  3. Oh, Kait. I read this post this morning and felt so bad for you. I hope things have improved drastically since then. I haven’t poured that first glass of wine yet, but when I do, it’ll be in your honor. If that isn’t good enough, perhaps I’ll just hand you the bottle. 😉
    Take care.


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