Sunday Summary

  1. Our plans for a nice relaxing weekend, so didn’t happen.  Without getting into total nasty TMI, the short version is that we discovered about 3 am Saturday morning that Daisy has a tapeworm and probably some stress colitis.  Because a spinal stroke that led to partial paralysis and a UTI isn’t enough for this poor dog to deal with.  There’s been a lot of not sleeping and a mad quest for a broad spectrum dewormer (thank you PetSmart) to get her treated without having to take her to the ER AGAIN (where it would be $100 just to get in the door).  I’ve spent a lot of time worrying when she’s agitated and time worrying when she’s not because given the streak we’ve had going, I was positive she was going to have some freak adverse reaction to the dewormer (she didn’t). In light of the exhaustion from sleeping in 1-2 hour chunks and waking up at every noise positive she’s going to die, I don’t know how anyone survives new parenthood!  She’s finally resting easier and will, I think, be feeling dramatically better by tomorrow.  She has PT at the vet school tomorrow anyway, so I’ll get them to check her out while she’s there.  We have decided that it is a RULE that all pet emergencies MUST take place on weekends when the vet is closed or out of town.
  2. On the positive front with her, she’s standing completely on her own (with us to help for balance) now for several minutes at a time, several times a day.  She keeps trying to step with her good side (hence the need for balance assistance).  She’s really improving with muscle tone on her bad side as well, and the doc and physical therapist are delighted with her progress.
  3. In other news, we watched the latest Underworld. We’d been very skeptical about this movie because all the previews made it look like there was no Michael.  At the risk of offering up a bit of a spoiler, if you’ve been waiting to watch it because you thought they killed him off, watch it.  He’s not so much in this movie, but is clearly going to be in the next one of this franchise reboot.  I really enjoyed it.  I’m always so delightfully surprised by how well Kate Beckinsale does in this kick ass action role.  I love her from Serendipity and it’s such a pleasant shock to see her really fighting well.
  4. We also watched the latest Sherlock Holmes.  In some days I liked it better than the first one.  Moriarty was fantastic and I really enjoyed seeing the two of them square off.  Even though I understand WHY they gave that hint of paranormal in the first one and had Holmes basically pull back the curtain (I mean, it’s totally in keeping with the character), I just didn’t care for that.  I LIKE the paranormal, so having the mystery spoiled and not be real was a little meh for me.  This second one didn’t go paranormal at all, and had a hint of steampunk/early modern warfare to it that I really enjoyed and felt fit with the nature of Holmes better for me.
  5. On the writing front, I had a 4 day streak going before yesterday (when I was a citizen of Zombieland).  Hubs is working today, so between laundry and cleaning house, I am hoping to make up for that.  It’s such a slow thing getting back into the groove, but I’m keeping on trucking.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. Poor doggie! (And yes, pet emergencies do seem to happen over the weekend.)

    Go ahead and ease yourself back into writing. Sleep is important to creativity, I think, so let your brain catch up.

  2. Your final words, “Keep on trucking!” could be the mantra for so many of us. I sometimes find the groove only to discover it isn’t the “right” groove (if there is such a thing!) I haven’t felt well the last couple days so have been watching more TV than normal. It isn’t terrible but oh, it makes me want to spend more time at the keyboard.

  3. I hope Daisy feels better soon. What a strong girl you have there, to put up with all this. She’s lucky to have you and your hubs. It is stressful and exhausting, but sounds like you’re dealing with it pretty well. Things will get back to normal and this will be behind you. Hope the coming week is better!

  4. Your poor puppy dog. I can’t believe what all she’s been through. I hope things get back to normal for her (and for you!) soon. I hope your next weekend will be much better.

  5. Wow, poor Daisy. And poor you. What a hard path y’all have had. I hope things are much better very soon.

    I love Sherlock Holmes. We have definitely enjoyed the shows.

    Best wishes getting back into the writing, Kait! It can be disheartening to be sidetracked, but you’ll be back in the groove soon.

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