Midweek #ROW80 Check-In

It’s been a less than productive week so far.  Part of this is because once I got the two new scenes written in Be Careful, they necessitated that the NEXT chapter be rewritten.  Which I haven’t gotten to yet because of the other part.  The Daisy having a Really Bad Day part. I am a simple woman. […]

#DaisyWatch: Daisy is WALKING

I’ll let her speak for herself: HOW AWESOME IS THAT! This morning she did that for about 75 yards in the backyard, then walked into physical therapy by herself, to cheers and applause.  That’s my girl!  This is 10 weeks after her FCE and everyone is simply delighted by her massive progress. She still isn’t […]

Saturday Sloth

It’s raining today.  Supposed to rain all weekend, actually.  Which really limits the list of things we can do to sort out the house (i.e. we won’t be hauling stuff out of storage in the rain).  And as far as I’m concerned, that’s a good thing.  A forced break.  God knows I need one. I’ve […]

Midweek Non-Check-In

So.  Yesterday was my first day back at work.  It wasn’t awesome. In my totally overwhelmed and physically and mentally exhausted state, I got to start my day being chewed out by my boss for things that blew up while I was away (and I was supposed to do what about this when I was […]

Midweek Update and #Daisywatch

**Edited to include video** First, the good news. This morning Daisy STOOD UP ON HER OWN AND TOOK THREE STEPS!  Huzzah! Ahem.  In more regular news, I have been kicking word count butt.  Sunday: 1042, Monday: 885, Tuesday: 1705.  I am within 1600 words of my 10k goal for the month and I’ve got today […]

Wagging For Joy

I’ll let Daisy speak for herself.  This was when I picked her up from PT yesterday. She’s still got a ways to go, but this is HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement, and the physical therapist tells me she’s recovering faster than most dogs she’s seen with this condition.  Whee!!! Also, this woman has such amazing upper […]


I confess, I’m having a hard time thinking of something to blog about today.  My brain is all full of Daisy (who walked from the car into PT this morning with my holding her harness) and house stuff.  It’s T minus 22 days to closing.  I’ve still got scads of packing to do and my […]

Mid-Week Check-In and #DaisyWatch

First off, I want to wish a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister from another mother, Claire Legrand! So I ended April at just over 6,000 words.  Not awesome, but better than nothing.  I wrote on 15 days with an average of just over 400 words a day on those days.  Considering everything going […]

Allergies, Anniversaries, and Moving, Oh My!

So, I conclude that I basically haven’t slept properly in a month between stress and congestion.  Massive allergy attacks coincided with Daisy’s spinal stroke, the selling of our house, and so on.  I’ve been subsisting on OTC allergy sinus meds and nose spray for at least two weeks just trying to function and finally hauled […]

Sunday Summary

Our plans for a nice relaxing weekend, so didn’t happen.  Without getting into total nasty TMI, the short version is that we discovered about 3 am Saturday morning that Daisy has a tapeworm and probably some stress colitis.  Because a spinal stroke that led to partial paralysis and a UTI isn’t enough for this poor […]