Wagging For Joy

I’ll let Daisy speak for herself.  This was when I picked her up from PT yesterday.

She’s still got a ways to go, but this is HUGE HUGE HUGE improvement, and the physical therapist tells me she’s recovering faster than most dogs she’s seen with this condition.  Whee!!!

Also, this woman has such amazing upper body strength.  I walked Daisy like that to the car and was exhausted!

11 thoughts on “Wagging For Joy

  1. LOVE IT!!! Soooo beautiful….here’s to her continued amazing recovery!!

  2. What a happy girl, go Daisy! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the progress Daisy has made Kait.

  3. That brought tears to my eyes. This is so great!

  4. Yay, Daisy! =)

  5. AWW!!! Go Daisy!!! 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh! It’s incredible to see her dong so well and looking so happy! She looks so darn proud of herself. It made me cry. Gotta love dogs.

  7. tmycann

    Yup. What Sadie and Lauralynn said. *blows nose & sniffles*

  8. Awww, DAISY!!! She looks so happy! Glad she’s doing so well. Lots of hugs 😀

  9. So glad to see her moving forward (literally and figuratively.) My little dog, Oliver, watched with great interest, and asked that I send a happy return tail-wag Daisy’s way!

  10. Kay Riddell

    I’ve watched the video of my grand dog 3 times! Way to go, Daisy! Teddy sends her best! It brought tears to my eyes!

  11. Congratulations, Daisy!

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