I confess, I’m having a hard time thinking of something to blog about today.  My brain is all full of Daisy (who walked from the car into PT this morning with my holding her harness) and house stuff.  It’s T minus 22 days to closing.  I’ve still got scads of packing to do and my brain is all occupied with what furniture is going to go where, making lists of the things we don’t have that this house will need (like matching curtains–I don’t think I have lived in a house with more than one window in a room since I moved out of my parents’ house), more lists of things I need to remember to do (like call various companies for estimates on having a fence built–and then gird my loins for what those estimates are), and generally running around like a chicken with my head cut off.


Also, I am dreaming of doing this to our old entertainment center (we’re moving to a console style for the new house).  I think it’s gorgeous and would make a great workstation for my library.  I’ll have to make a few adjustments to go along with how ours is set up, but it would totally work.

I’m also about to bust a gut I’m so excited about the DFW Writer’s Conference.  My new business cards came in this week, along with my swanky new business card holder that’s engraved with Kait Nolan: Action-packed Paranormal Romance.   Squee!   I also ordered a few POD copies of each of my books to take in case someone wants to buy them.  I’m told people sometimes do that at conferences.

I have made a major concerted effort to get back to G.I.T. living for real this week.  Like actual counting of calories, which I stopped doing like…lord…maybe six weeks ago?  Eight?  Hubs and I were doing the Sonoma Diet, which uses sections of a plate for types of food, so I got out of the routine then, and then Daisy happened, and…well calorie counting just has not been a priority until this past weekend when we ate the Pizza of DOOM (deep dish gluten free pizza with cajun sausage, bacon, and pepperoni, and probably like a full half pound of cheese).  It was epic and delicious–and a reminder of why we don’t eat that way anymore.  Because holy crap, while it tasted amazing going down, we both felt like we were gonna DIIIIIIIIIE for about two days after (gluten free bread products are a lot more filling than wheat).  Hence my return to the wagon.  My judicious efforts at getting back to full exercise (like minimum 300 calories burned a day) and the couple gallons of water I’ve been drinking have undone the effects of the Pizza of DOOM and I’m feeling considerably better.  I find that I’m really missing running. Which is weird to say, but there you have it.

I suppose that’s enough of a ramble for the day!


2 thoughts on “Smattering

  1. I had the Calzone of Doom Tuesday. LOL. I got back on the calorie counting Monday, then I made the mistake of going to Lupi’s for lunch. Now I’m struggling to get back on track. I think with as much stuff as you’re dealing with right now, you probably should stay a little relaxed about the calories. When you’re finally in your new house and settled down, the exercise, eating, and writing will all come back together. There’s just so much to DO and THINK ABOUT right now. 🙂

    I wish so much I had been able to go to DFWCon, too. There was just no way to swing it this year. I hope you have a ball there! (You should take a picture of your business card and let us see it. And your holder.)

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