Mid-Week Check-In and #DaisyWatch

First off, I want to wish a VERY SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister from another mother, Claire Legrand!

So I ended April at just over 6,000 words.  Not awesome, but better than nothing.  I wrote on 15 days with an average of just over 400 words a day on those days.  Considering everything going on with Daisy and the house, I’ll take it.

As I said in my last check-in, I’ve been doing a lot of thought to my villain and how changing him alters both this book and the ones to follow.  I’ve been kind of freaking out because the second half of this book was mostly blank.  I had my major plot points, the ending, and…nothing else.  This is not like me since I turned plotter.  I had almost all of Red plotted out from the beginning with very few deviations as I wrote.  And while the first half of DOTH has been pretty rock solid, the second half was way too close to my pantsing origins.  But Monday I considered the fact that the PP2 I had was lame and boring and didn’t sufficiently show the smackdown power of the antagonist.  So I changed it.  And everything else fell into place.  I finished plotting the entire second half, down to the last scene.  I did a little tweakage on it yesterday to solidify and clarify my new SPP, but I finally have a clear second half.  There is much relief in this.

That said, I only wrote a little over 100 words yesterday.  I was having an epic procrastination session.  Discipline?  What is this thing of which you speak?  I had a big moment of mental blank like “wait…what did this character intend to accomplish by doing this?”  But Susan set me straight (she’s quite good at that), so while I didn’t get it written last night, I now know the direction of the rest of the scene and will be working on that today.  Yay for that.

Look Mom! No hands!

In other news, Daisy is doing AWESOME at PT.  Yesterday she graduated from the hoist and is now fully weight bearing for her exercises.  They even walked her out to me after her session yesterday! (with someone holding her harness up, but still…this was big news).  The neurologist and physical therapist are thrilled with her progress.  So.  Onward and upward!

7 thoughts on “Mid-Week Check-In and #DaisyWatch

  1. Aww, such a sweet birthday greeting for Claire! Lots of HOORAYYYYYS for getting your second half pinned down! That has to be relieving. Sending you tons of good vibes for your work today. And even more congrats on Daisy!! It’s great to hear she’s dong so well. Have a good rest of the week!

  2. I wrote 7269 in April, so I’m pretty close to where you are. This has, so far, been the hardest story to write. There’s just something weird about this round….

    I’m so glad Daisy is still progressing so well. That picture says it all!

    And Happy Birthday to Claire! She’s such a sweetie.

  3. My favorite childhood movie! Found a cheap copy of Amazon and begged the hubby to order it for me. He didn’t understand the appeal. 🙂

    I went back and read the beginning posts about Daisy. Had to look up FCE. March was bad for us too. Cats just seemed off. Took them to the vet and their titer levels for the Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) virus were high. FIP is fatal in cats. Doc was overly cautious and wanted to put them on interferon for life. And they had toxoplasmosis from drinking out of the fish tank. Now that the meds are done for the toxo, they are in better health than before. Turns out, their immune system was fine and the levels were normal for cats coming from a breeder. I don’t think I ate for a week while we waited for all the test results. And the fish tank has gone bye-bye.

    So glad Daisy is doing well and hope she’ll continue to improve.

  4. First, congratulations on all your progress! Especially with Daisy, the upcoming move, well…everything you’ve had on your plate!
    Second, Daisy is so adorable…I even went all “awwwww” when I saw the picture. My students looked up at me from their group work like I was nuts but seriously she is the cutest!! 🙂 I am so glad to hear she is doing well!

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