Midweek Non-Check-In

So.  Yesterday was my first day back at work.  It wasn’t awesome.

In my totally overwhelmed and physically and mentally exhausted state, I got to start my day being chewed out by my boss for things that blew up while I was away (and I was supposed to do what about this when I was AWAY?).  In fact none of this was actually my fault–the project is just a total train wreck for reasons I tried to point out before we got started–but of course no one would listen to me.  Joy.  After that my neighbor called to tell me that the back line of the new fence we’re having put up was too far back by about eight feet.  The former owner told us wrong about where the back property line was.  Thankfully the concrete hadn’t dried yet, so they were able to salvage the posts and we’re just out the labor and concrete.  It could’ve been much worse.  Hubby is bemoaning that the yard will now be “tiny”.  His perspective is somewhat skewed, having grown up on six acres.  I still say it’ll be plenty of space.  And after THAT, I get a call from the fraud division at the bank because somebody in Singapore was trying to use my credit card.  Thankfully the fraud unit did their job and denied all transactions, so there’s nothing to dispute.  They just cancelled the card and are sending me a new one.  I’ve gotta remember to go through all the stuff I had on auto draft and change the payment info.  It was seriously a Monday masquerading as a Tuesday.

It wasn’t all bad though.  I cooked actual real food for dinner last night in my new kitchen.  My body is crying out for healthy food.  I also made a pretty significant dent in unpacking stuff before work, during lunch, and after work.  Unpacking the china cabinet was particularly gratifying–not because I particularly care about what’s in it, but because it was all so well padded that I knocked out five boxes in about ten minutes.  Score!  Oh, and I found my Nook charger cable.  Not that I really have time to USE my Nook just now, but I could.  I’ve been finding all kinds of stuff that I’d lost or hidden during a showing, so that’s been a yay.  I also went to bed at a reasonable hour, so I don’t feel dead today, which is an improvement.

I’m looking forward to getting to a place where everything is DONE and I can actually sit down to READ (I JUST started Nalini Singh’s Kiss of Snow, which I’ve been waiting for for AGES, and I want to freaking know what HAPPENS) and write something.  I’ve got a long way to go to get my writing cave (aka “the library”) set up, but I hope to actually have something to report by next Wednesday’s check in.

The dogs are adjusting really well.  The new house has really long windows, so Daisy’s new favorite spot is on her bed by a window in the den, where she can see out and bark at birds or workmen or whatever.  Their new yard should be fenced by end of the week (we hope).  Daisy’s PT continues to go well.  Yesterday she took off down the hall WITHOUT the physical therapist.  Once we have all the crap out of the floor, we’ll work on getting her walking around the house a bit, so she can properly explore.  I’m not sure if there’ll be enough traction for her on the wood floors or not, but we’ll see.

6 thoughts on “Midweek Non-Check-In

  1. Wow, what an awful Tuesday! That would especially bother me about the property line. But at least you have a new house and Daisy is better! When things get settled down, you are going to be a VERY happy camper.

  2. Poor Kait! This all sounds… terrible… and… OMG. Nalini Singh. I completely forgot that I was reading the Guild Hunter series! *Breaks comment to do Google search*

    OMG. Two new books have come out since the last one I read?! AND there’s a new one this year! TO AMAZON! (seriously.)

  3. Eek! Wow… you’ve had one interesting week. Yay for the boxes and the “real food” though. And a double YAY! for Daisy’s run.

    As for the fence-line, I would get a survey done before you put any fence up seeing that there is a debate over the actual property-line. Not just for yourself, but for the future saleability of the place when/if you decide to move. I mean, I understand having a fence with the dogs may be a necessity, but….

  4. Fab news about Daisy, Kait! As for the day gig drama, I’m going to break out my invisible taser and go change some attitudes. I’d so take a road trip and do that for you. I too hate when I’m made to hold the bag for things either out of my control or not my responsibility. Grrr. Here is to a calmer rest of the week and finding a pocket of time to carve out for reading and writing.

    1. Yeah, there was a lot of what amounted to “How dare you not catch x, y, z because you deigned to BELIEVE PEOPLE COULD DO THEIR JOBS” (I don’t believe in micromanaging–my boss does–it’s a thing). But it’s sorted as best it can be.

      1. Yep, just had the “I expect people to be accountable if I am made to be” and “I hold people to a higher expectation because I know they can stop being lazy and do it” speech with my boss last week. We are told not to babysit, but then I get dinged when I follow that and don’t send out reminders. Ah, business life.

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