Post Move Report

Well, it’s done.  We’re moved.  Well, except for everything in our storage unit and my in-laws’ garage.  But the furniture is in and all the stuff from the old house and my mom’s.  HOW on EARTH did I manage to cram so much into a 1200 square foot house?  HOW?  Because we’ve got over 1,000 more square feet in the new house and it feels full already!  Naturally, it’s only that bad because there are still boxes EVERYWHERE. But still.

I’ve been working like a dog to get stuff put away and sorted out, resisting the urge to just shove whole boxes into closets to deal with later (where they would no doubt stay for another five years until I got ready for a big clean out).  Aside: the whole phrase “work like a dog” is really inaccurate in our household given that our dogs are crazy pampered…

My whole body is one big bruise.

The satellite guy came yesterday.  The fence people come start today.  The internet gets installed tomorrow.  It’s been kind of weird being unplugged for so long.  I’m so tired, I really haven’t missed it.

Back to work today.  I’m by turns happy and irritated about that.  I’m happy because, for all intents and purposes, I haven’t sat down in a week.  Irritated because I’m not unpacked and settled yet.  There’s just so much STUFF.  I’m being brutal with the getting rid of things I haven’t used or needed in the last five years.  But still.

I’m supposed to get back to writing on June 1st, but I am thinking that I’ll give it to Monday so I have another full weekend to unpack and settle in.  My writing cave is more like random storage right now.  There’s a lot of shifting around of boxes to allow for furniture placement and putting away of stuff.  My crusade for today over lunch and after work is to sort out the bathroom.  None of the organizers from the old house will fit into the standard cabinets and drawers of the new house (all our cabinetry in that house was “homemade” by somebody who built the house in 1964 and while it was ugly, it was big), so I’ve got to develop a new system.

So.  Flipping. Tired.

4 thoughts on “Post Move Report

  1. I feel pooped just reading all the stuff you’ve been up to! LOL. Take it one room at a time and things’ll start to shape up! Good luck getting settled! On a plus, new writing cave means new inspirations!

  2. Here’s hoping you get it done to your satisfaction soon, Kait! I know how you feel with wanting everything done and organized.

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