Closing Day

Today is closing day.  We close on the old house at 9:30 and the new house at 1:30.  EEEEEEEE!!!!

Yesterday I finished moving the kitchen (by which I mean it’s moved and unpacked at the new house) except for my pots and pans and a handful of dishes that were in the dishwasher, and the food.  I’ll do all that this afternoon.  We’re also going to move the bedroom stuff and the dining room furniture this afternoon to actually spend the night at the new house tonight.

The closets are empty and all that remains is furniture and chaos.  I’m not as well packed as I’d like to be but that’s not too big a deal.  We’re just moving across town, so it’s not like moving out of town.  The stuff in the shed and storage room isn’t in any way packed or organized.  That’s probably all going to just get tossed in random boxes and dealt with later.  The point is to just GET it there.  I’m less concerned with most of the stuff remaining because all the closet stuff is moved and UNPACKED, so the rest will be just sorting out where the best place to put pieces of furniture and artwork and such, and then all the random stuff I’d forgotten about.

Gonna be a lot of running around this morning between closings, dealing with utilities and sorting out last minute stuff before the second closing.  Then the next round of work begins!

I’ll be internet silent after today.  It’ll probably be Tuesday before I’m back to work and have internet there, and a few days after that before we get the internet sorted at the new place.  But I’ll be able to check mail on my phone.

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