Allergies, Anniversaries, and Moving, Oh My!

So, I conclude that I basically haven’t slept properly in a month between stress and congestion.  Massive allergy attacks coincided with Daisy’s spinal stroke, the selling of our house, and so on.  I’ve been subsisting on OTC allergy sinus meds and nose spray for at least two weeks just trying to function and finally hauled myself to the doctor on Wednesday afternoon (a day I should have been home in bed but my boss flat refused to let me off because God forbid any of the other 5 people on our team learn how to READ THE INSTRUCTIONS) where I begged and pleaded and finally got a steroid shot.  Two days later and the jitters have worn off, and I can breathe without other drug assistance!  Glory halleluia!  She also gave me a 5 month prescription for Zyrtec D, which according to commercials is available OTC, but not in Mississippi because the D portion is Suedafed and because of all the loonies making meth from it, you can’t GET OTC in our state.  Oh dear God, I’d forgotten how awesome REAL decongestant was.

Anyway, all this to say that last night I really, truly SLEPT, uninterrupted for the first time in a month and I woke up at 5:45 and did not immediately feel like shooting someone or like passing right back out.  Fed the dogs and then actually did some exercise.  Not a lot, as my Wiimote batteries were dead, but still more than I’ve done in the mornings the last two weeks, where the routine has become feed the dogs and pass back out on the sofa.  I might even get REALLY crazy and try to get back to something resembling a NORMAL ROUTINE next week.  That would be refreshing.  I’m grateful that my weight has stayed steady through all this, as my eating has…not.

A wise man knows that the whole point of flowers is to show them off at work.

So yesterday was our 9 year anniversary.  As of August, we’ll have been together for 13 years.  We had massive ribeyes for dinner with hasselback potatoes.  We got the home inspection done on the new house–haven’t got the report yet, but the inspector said there was nothing major at all, just an assortment of small stuff.  So…yay, happy anniversary to us.  There is a SOLD sign in our front yard, which I keep going out and staring at because HOW AWESOME IS THAT?  This is actually happening!  We’re moving in a month.  The weekend after I go to DFW!  I actually got dewy eyed in the new kitchen yesterday because there are DRAWERS.  There’s actually a place to put all my Tupperware!  And finally unpack all my wedding presents, some of which have never been used because there was never anywhere to put them.

Daisy’s doing awesome at PT.  The physical therapist said that the last dog she’d treated for an FCE was not this far along at this stage.  She’s doing a lot more standing for much longer periods of time, is regaining muscle tone on her bad side, and is walking with assistance in the sling and on the underwater treadmill for much longer.  Of course the doctors won’t actually give any kind of time estimate for recovery, but most of what I’ve been reading anecdotally online says 3 months.  We’re at the end of month 1 since the FCE itself–almost.  She’s doing great.

So overall, I’m pretty darn stoked about life.  Now it’s time to get serious about packing and begin instituting The System.  Did I mention this will be my fourteenth move and that I have this down to a science?  I haven’t pulled out The System in quite a few moves because, for assorted reasons, they were just chaos and there wasn’t time.  But it involves packing and extreme labeling, putting boxes in a tiered system of what needs to be unpacked from soonest to last, what goes where when, who’s going to be stationed at the old house to direct packing of the trucks, who’s going to be stationed at the new house to direct who goes where with what…  And I’m so so SO freaking grateful that the buyer of our house agreed to close on Friday and not take possession until Monday so that we have 2 and a partial days to move.  That makes life SO MUCH EASIER.  I can take the kitchen stuff and clothes over Friday after closing and get those put away, then Saturday will be about emptying the old house, and Sunday driving up to my mom’s to get all the furniture she’s been keeping for us all these years.  And then Monday is Memorial Day and I will be an unpacking MACHINE because I’m a neurotic mess about having stuff in boxes and I can’t take it.  I’ll be settled mostly by the end of a week.


5 thoughts on “Allergies, Anniversaries, and Moving, Oh My!

  1. A few days to move can be such a glorious thing. Our last move we had 24 hours. It was awful. Moving everything in a day is a misery.

    I’m glad your allergy meds are working. I’ve been on Benedryl 24/7 for three weeks now. This has been the worst allergy season I can remember. Ugh. Meds are good. Meds are our friends. *hugs*

  2. I’ve moved A LOT too and also have a similar system. I can’t stand leaving boxes packed after a move. I’ll stay up ridiculous hours just to get it all done – and by done I mean pictures hung done. *grin* drives the hubs insane. He hates moving.

    1. YES! I’ll probably actually wait on the pictures this go round just because so much of my stuff has been packed and I don’t remember what all I have.

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