Sunday Summary

Totally forgot about posting today.  I’ve been playing catch up on a lot of guest posts and interviews, half paying attention to HGTV and the Food Network.  There’s been no fiction writing but that’s okay.  I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow.

Last night’s housewarming party went well and the grilled cheese bacon burgers were epic.      There’s nothing like having people over to motivate you to get your house clean and into shape.  We finally feel like we’re actually settled.  Mostly.

We had a big Lowe’s run today and picked up the new closet doors for the guest room and the man cave.  Currently each room has 2 36″ doors on the closets, which take up an enormous amount of floor space in not very huge rooms, so we’re opting to put in bifold doors to free up a bit more space.  We also picked up a new shower head and a new kitchen faucet.  I’m very very excited about the latter.  The one that’s installed now is set up all wrong for me.  I’m a leftie and the single handle is to the right of the faucet.  The spray nozzle is weird and on the left instead of the right, and it’s too low.  The new one is a lovely high gooseneck with a pull down nozzle and a lever that I can set to the left.  And a soap dispenser.  These seem to be big right now.  Not really sure why but whatever.  I’ve got a hole for it in my sink, so I’ll put it in.

Also I have stumbled upon a life truth this afternoon.  It is my belief that one should start with dessert once a week.  It’s good for the soul.

It rained this afternoon.  Not long, but hard enough to wash the bird poop off the mailbox and drop the temperature from nearly 100 down to 87.  SO MUCH BETTER after a week of temps and heat indexes over 100.  Perhaps my fruit trees won’t die.  Either way, the next week has quite a few more chances for thunderstorms, so I’m hoping we’ll get some more rain.

Round 3 of ROW80 starts TOMORROW!

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