Saturday Morning Sloth

I’m being gloriously indulgent this morning.  I’m working my way through DVRed episodes of my favorite Food Network and Cooking Channel shows while going through the backlog of food magazines that have built up the last month or two since we got ready to move.  There are…um…a lot.  I take Cooking Light, Food Network Magazine, Taste of Home, Simple and Delicious, Kraft Food and Family, Martha Stuart Living, and Real Simple.  These last two aren’t actually really cooking magazines, though there are recipes in them.  Food and cooking and all things related are one of my guilty pleasures.  They’re one of the few areas in which I really like to indulge, and it’s something my time in France really encouraged.   Which is one of the reasons I am a food blogger in addition to everything ELSE that I do (even if it’s on a more abbreviated schedule than it used to be).  I adored their culture, one where they take the time to appreciate and enjoy food and the good company that goes with it.  None of this multi-tasking BS, eating while watching TV or constantly checking your cell phone for text messages and email while talking to other people.  It was marvelous and I miss it.  They feel so much more…civilized than we do, I think.

We have been in our new house for a month and five days, long enough that we’ve gotten through all but the last half dozen boxes taking up residence in the garage.  We still need to sort out organizing the garage, but hubs and I both agree that can wait until it’s NOT over 100 degrees out.  The other big thing remaining to do is to take pictures and LIST the MOUNTAIN (it feels like that much though it’s probably not) of stuff we want to get rid of that we aren’t going to just toss, as we can sell it and put the proceeds back into the house in the form of whatever little improvements we’d like to make, like bifold closet doors and mulch.  Since part and parcel of what goes along with buying a house is at least a couple months of just HEMORRHAGING  money in the form of all the things you didn’t anticipate having to buy, this is actually quite a sensible thing to do, even if it does mean our garage and the guest room are loaded up with stuff that has no home.  But anyway the rest of the house is done.  I will eventually make up my mind what pictures I want to hang where, but the house is to the point where we can HAVE PEOPLE OVER.

So tonight we’re having a housewarming party.  Which really ought to be more like a house cooling party given the temperatures.  It should be a fun menu.  We’re making grilled potato salad, grilled cheese burgers (literally burgers sandwiched between grilled cheeses, which we saw one day on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives), and grilled pluots (these are a recent discovery of mine–a hybrid between plums and apricots) and nectarines with vanilla ice cream.  You can see the theme of cooking outside.  I know some of our guests are bringing stuffed mushrooms, and not sure what the others are bringing, but it’ll be good because these are all our cooking friends.

Anyway, the name of the game the rest of the day once my hubs wakes up, is doing that super cleaning because….yeah when you’ve moved you really don’t do that deep clean for a while because you’re tired.  Plus you make discoveries like changing the light bulbs in the kitchen to a higher wattage and realizing that the prior owners probably never deep scrubbed the sink stainless steel sink with Comet.    I suppose that’s not a priority when you have a two year old?  Anyway, I’ve got a few pictures and such I want to hang today that have been doing the “prop” while I make up my mind if I really want to put them where they’ve been living.

My mind is very…quiet right now.  It always is after a near (or total) meltdown.  I’m purged, I guess.  It’s like letting the steam out of a pressure cooker on the verge of exploding.  So I should be good for…oh another six months or so.  That seems to be my pattern.  So this weekend I’ll clear the decks of whatever projects I can tolerate in the heat, and get back to work and writing on Monday.

One thought on “Saturday Morning Sloth

  1. I’m doing the sloth thing too. It’s too HOT to do anything…I’m not going outside! It’s supposed to be about 105 today. I’m getting ready to let the kittens in soon.

    I’m glad you’re mellowing out a bit. And I hope you have loads of fun at your party!

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