Looking For Zen In All The Wrong Places

So I got back from our trip yesterday about 6:30 with my sociability/togetherness quotient MASSIVELY exceeded.  Immediately unloaded the car, unpacked, started laundry, put together my new laptop desk (which isn’t going to work as neatly with my recumbent bike as I thought it would), and sat down with a giant Reese’s cup and a hard cider.  Yes, that was my dinner.  Sue me.  Got 2 loads of laundry run (not put away), and went to bed early.  OH THE GLORY OF SLEEPING IN MY OWN BED.  Both my and hubby’s backs are wrecked after 3 nights of hotel beds.  And given that we have a Princess and the Pea mattress (with extra Princess), that’s saying something.

Of course hubby is off all week to spend time with our 3 year old niece.  So he didn’t have to get up for work this morning.  I did.  And I was cheated out of the last 20 minutes of sleep by his buzz saw snoring.  I did not give into my homicidal urges or kick him in the ribs, so I consider that an early victory.   Fed the dogs.  Went to do yoga.  My 35 minute routine was interrupted by the dogs three times.  I kept winding up with a mouthful of t-shirt during downward facing dog.  And it was effing HOT (because we’re in the middle of another streak of 100+ days that our AC can’t fight).  Bikrahm yoga is not for me.  >.<  So…it’ll be a while before yoga does a thing for me to chill me out.  Boxing would probably be better.  Maybe at lunch.

Had my shower, fixed breakfast, set up some tomato soup to cook in the crock pot for lunch and finally started feeling a little bit better (as nothing fell or broke or otherwise made a mess, as is wont to happen when I’m wiped out and trying to do something productive before caffeine ingestion).  Until the “Get Your Butt To Work” alarm went off right as I was sitting down to eat breakfast.  Sigh.  I need another weekend.  One where I actually get sleep, don’t see another human being, and spend almost all of it in the kitchen cooking.  I make sense of the world through food.  I need to make a grocery run (who knows when that will happen), and the house needs picking up and cleaning.  Hopefully hubs will do some of that while he’s off this week between toddler entertaining and prepping for the photo shoot next weekend.

There’s a belated birthday celebration for him tonight at his parents’.  Probably.  If my work day doesn’t make me unfit for living company.  Which it might.  I totally feel like I’m taking a gallows walk going in this morning.  But really, I just need to gird my loins, suck it up, and get it over with.  I’ve had 4 days to stress about it, so maybe it won’t be as bad in reality as I’ve imagined it to be.  My Magic 8 Ball app says it will be worse.  Which, of course, I hope is wrong.  Except it also said that DOTH is going to be THE BOOK that will let me quit the Evil Day Job, so…kind of hard to pick and choose there.  And yeah, that’s where life has been this summer–that I’m relying on the answers of a Magic 8 ball to give me a little hope and peace.  So ready for fall.

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