Sunday Summary

  1. I’ve been out of town since Friday.  I managed a bit over 500 words that day in the car, but nothing since then.  I think I barely broke 1k this week and didn’t finish the scene I’ve been working on.
  2. It was a supremely crappy week at work.  Sadly, I’m pretty sure that trend is going to continue for the foreseeable future, so I’m going to have to sort out some way to make myself write around the headaches and the stress and the worry.  I don’t know what way that IS just yet, but I’m pretty sure it is going to necessitate me finding some zen and getting back into yoga and maybe some guided meditation.
  3. In order to make time for the yoga, something else had to be moved, so I bought a laptop desk that’s on rollers that can slide over my recumbent bike.  That came in while we were gone, so I’ll put it together when I get home.  I’m hoping I can get in some bike time during my writing block in the evenings, which would free up 2 mornings a week for yoga.  I still have weekends, of course, but since we moved I haven’t been able to get back into a routine of any kind of weekend workout, largely because we’ve been busy with projects or I’ve been sick or wiped out.  We’ll see how that goes.
  4. Today we were at the Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia, SC.  It was our niece’s first trip to a zoo (she’s 3 and a half) and was very entertaining.  The highlight of my day was the ropes course where I got to climb around like a monkey in a harness.  It was awesome.  I’ll post pics later once hubs finishes processing them.
  5. I can’t wait to get home and back to normal food.  My body feels just generally UGH after 3 days of eating out and not enough water.  I’m planning on making a batch of roasted tomato soup for lunches, and hopefully getting in LOTS of veggies and fruit.  There will also be burger night for hubby’s belated b-day celebration, and I’ve got to find time to make the gluten free red velvet cake I planned on.  I’m less than enthused about EATING it, but maybe I’ll feel differently by next weekend.  Right now, though, I’m feeling very much NOT a goddess in any way, shape or form.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary

  1. I ended up doing a lot of traveling this week, too, and it’s tough to keep focused on everything going on with the trip and getting your creative work done.

    I hope you’re able to find a good focus to continue creating, despite the stress of the day job. It’s amazing how much we have to shift schedules around to be able to find the best energy in our days for writing. It sounds like you have a plan of attack and you’re ready to face it. Rock it out!

  2. I really hope this week is better for you. I admire how you figure out how to change things around so you can be productive. Writing while on a recumbent bike? Who would have thought it? I’m really shooting for productivity in my life this week.

    I’m glad you at least had fun at the zoo. I’m looking forward to pics. 🙂

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