Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I am TIRED this morning.  Got to bed at midnight while hubs was out at boy’s night and kept getting woken up.  First by Daisy for who knows why.  Then by Callie who was fiercely barking at something (turned out a stray was getting into the garbage that hadn’t made it into the can outside).  Then my husband nearly got decked when he came in because I didn’t hear him and he leaned over to kiss me and I jacked up and nearly punched him.  Fortunately he has really good reflexes.  But, yeah, scared the crap out of me.  Took me a while coming down from the adrenaline high.  Then after the dogs wanted breakfast this morning, I couldn’t go back to sleep in the bedroom because poor hubs is having bad allergy issues and snoring.  Then I’d just got to sleep on the sofa and Daisy needed to go potty.  Then I FINALLY got to sleep and slept later than I’ve slept in ages.
  2. I was sick this week, so I didn’t get AS much written as I wanted.  I did manage to write 5 out of 7 days for a total of 3154 words.  I’m happy with that.  There are 6 days left in the month.  I had set a new goal of writing at least 20 days out of 30, and I’m already at 18 writing days this month, so it looks like that’s a goal that will be easily met this month.   I’m hoping to get another 2-3k by the end of August.
  3. am feeling much better, and I’m looking forward to getting back to normal routine and exercise.  I took the week off from exercise except for Wednesday, when I did 40 minutes on the bike and nearly keeled over.  I exercised yesterday normally and it felt great.  I wind up getting sore from muscle disuse just as much or more as I do from heavy exercise.  Tomorrow is a running day.  I’ll be taking it slow and easy, as it’s been over a week since I went.
  4. Hubs and I are watching HGTV this morning and marveling at the horrible attitudes so many of these people have about real estate.  Seriously.  People have no imagination, no willingness to work to do even the smallest projects themselves (like paint).  Comparatively, we’re super easy to please.  There’s a few things we still want to do here (PAINT, have a line run for gas to the kitchen and swap the range, eventually do something outside with the patio, like build a pergola), but by and large, we love our house.  It’s not 100% perfect, but compared to what we left, it’s amazing.  The people on these real estate shows have no concept of what they can expect for their budget.  I always feel really sorry for the realtors and designers having to deal with these cranky, unimaginative people.
  5. It’s Sunday, so that means my big cooking day.  I’m making up a batch of French onion soup for my lunches this week, some GF biscuits for breakfast, testing a recipe for gluten free French bread (which I’ve been meaning to do since CHRISTMAS when I got my new French bread loaf pans), and testing out The Pioneer Woman’s ranch chicken sandwiches and some barbeque oven fries.  I had some of the latter at a local restaurant here and have been on a crusade to duplicate them in the oven.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. On #4: We’re totally remodeling our home. It’s been a long project in the works, but we’re nearing the home stretch (3 rooms & the exterior left!). It’s kind of satisfying to do it yourself. You not only save money, but you’re really making it ‘home’. =)

  2. Nice work on the word count, and especially how many days you’re writing. That has to feel good. I like your cooking day. I’ve been trying to do two or three meals on Sundays when we’re home, but I was out far too late last night to do so today. My second bachelorette party of the summer. I don’t think that’s happened in like eight years. lol.

  3. Ha, I have to agree on #4. The people on those shows are either so picky, “I don’t like the paint.” Well, duh, that’s what paint stores are for! Or they are unrealistic, “I want granite countertops and 3,000 square feet for $200,000 in the hot new neighborhood in Atlanta.” Hello!!!! Have you lived here for more than 5 seconds?

    Ahem, sorry for the rant. I hear you about #1 as well. I can get back to sleep the first couple of times I’m awakened, but after that, I’m done. However, you’ve done a lot despite the problems. It certainly looks as though you’ll meet the amount of writing days you have in your goal.

    I hope you continue to feel better, and your hubby gets over the allergies so you can sleep better.

  4. I hate those nights when I get awakened by every little thing. Or big thing. Like cats fighting on my bed. You know, the cats that aren’t supposed to be in the house at that hour. *shhhhh*

    You know, that’s a fantastic word count, especially for someone who has been sick.

    The thing you said about paint and being picky reminds me of when my son, husband, and mother-in-law picked out this nice sea green paint color for his bedroom and worked hard to get it painted. Then, when my son got married, his wife changed it to a neutral color. LOL.

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