Word of the Year:

Last year I picked a focal word for the year.  That word was STEADY.  And I suppose it was a success.  I made steady progress toward various and sundry things.  I upped my word count a lot by steady production.  I stayed steady on my progress regardless of what was going on this year.  I was steady about keeping my eyes on my own paper (mostly).  So I think it was a good choice.

I’ve been giving some thought to what I want my word to be this year.  What trait I want to work on.  As always, my brain automatically starts thinking about action verbs.  But action is not what I need to work on.  I’m good at action, at getting things done.

I thought about maybe wait.  The idea of having to wait for things and be okay with it.  But the mere thought of that makes me twitchy and kind of crazy.

Then I thought, maybe, patience.  Except honestly I don’t know how you actively work on patience.  That’s like saying “Don’t think of a pink elephant.”   Then that’s all you can think of.

So I was thinking maybe


As in, finding some.  There’s a lot going on in my world that I can’t control, and I need to learn to be okay with it, to roll with the punches.

Keep calm and carry on, as the Brits are want to say.  I might have to make a sign with that on it to put on my desk.

4 thoughts on “Word of the Year:

  1. Our family motto for 2013 is “Stay on Target” (despite the likelihood of getting blown up — & *wink* to anyone who gets that Star Wars reference!). Also? We decided the New Year does not actually begin until the first Monday of the year… which is Jan. 7. So if you’re behind, take heart — nothing that happened during the past two weeks counts! ;p

  2. I’ve prayed for patience. Bad idea. It seems like God just piles up annoying stuff to test your patience then. I had a friend who said that she prayed for patience, and her mother-in-law moved in. :-!

    ZEN works. My word might simply be FORWARD. I want to keep moving forward, no matter what obstacles or challenges are placed in my way. I want to reach the end of the year and see that I and my family have moved forward in reaching our goals and becoming who we want to be.

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