Midweek ROW80 Check-In

I like to plan.  I love spreadsheets.  And lists.  And being organized.  Possibly it’s a sickness that occasionally requires intervention.  Sue me.  I am an organized soul.

I’ve been trying to sort out my plans for 2013 for at least two months now.  I had variations and permutations based on “If this happens, then I’ll do this…”

Given that Round 1 has been going strong for all of…um, 2 days and 9 hours and I’ve already had to change my goals for this round (and may yet again), I’m about ready to throw in the towel and admit that I don’t know diddly and I’m just going to play.  Okay, not really.  I seldom play.  But I should really stop planning because things keep CHANGING.

the philosopher
the philosopher (Photo credit: cplbasilisk)

Except planning is, like, my security blanket.  I NEED to do it.  Like I NEED chocolate.  And bacon.  Even when I know things are uncertain, I feel this itch to follow through the logical steps of things, to consider the ramifications and have A PLAN for Just In Case.

I’m not good at living in the moment or just for the immediate future.  I’m a Big Picture Thinker.

But anyway, for now, I’m still bleeding pink as the Hammer has her way with DOTH.  I’m also making an effort to read through several books I have on Celtic folklore and fairy tales to better ground myself in the lore.  I’ve read a lot of it in the past, but it’s been like fifteen years, so I’m fuzzier than I need to be.  And on the writing front, I’m focusing on Riven for the time being.  THAT, at least, is going well.

7 thoughts on “Midweek ROW80 Check-In

  1. Organized, wow… when you’re done, can you come to my house? “I have chocolate,” she says waving it across the computer screen. 🙂 I love the clean slate of a new year but I still had a goal list to accomplish from last year. (Darn Stragglers) Got ’em and on my way. Thanks Kait.

  2. I respect your organized soul – I am aiming to be balanced between hyper-organization and over-the-top loosey goosey. So far, I’m not doing bad but like you, with 2 days and several hours, do I really know anything yet? Thanks again for putting Row80 together!

  3. I loooooove lists, love spreadsheets. And especially love lists of plans! But hey, you when you set up ROW80, you really did it right – plans change! That is one of the things I love about it. Even when I don’t have the life exploding things like you’ve dealt with the past year, I still end up changing my plans. Good luck figuring it out!

  4. The pink hammer is to be dreaded. LOL. I would probably read through the whole book and see not a thing wrong with it. 🙂

    Chocolate and bacon? At our church New Year’s Eve party, someone brought chocolate covered bacon….

      1. You know, I think we DID see that. There were all kinds of flavor combinations there. I think the person who brought it to church actually made it themselves. I just can’t imagine those two flavors together.

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