Snow Day…At Work

So it’s snowing today!  In Mississippi!

Usually this is cause for 2 things:

  1. Pretending it is the start of nuclear winter and making a mad dash to the grocery or Walmart to stock up on toilet paper, bread, milk, and bottled water.
  2. Staying home from work or school to hang out on the sofa and ooo and aaaah over the pretty.

For me personally, it also means 2 different things:

  1. I must go build a snowman named Bob (I believe we are on Bob the 7th), a tradition that began when I was in junior high.
  2. It is toe sock weather.

So when I got up this morning and my dog wouldn’t leave the porch to pee, I was expecting a nice notice from the university that they were closed.


I kept refreshing the page right on up to when I walked out my door at 8:20.  Get to the office.  New advisory at 8:21 “If you can’t get here safely, don’t come.” (more or less).

But obviously I’m already here and it is supposed to stop at 10 and get warm enough to melt everything later in the day.  Except that it’s after 10 and still snowing like crazy with big fat fluffy flakes.  We’re all waiting to hear we’re being sent home (hope springs eternal, right?).

Outside my office window

How can I be expected to do actual WORK when it looks like THAT outside?  It’s PRETTY.  I want to play in it!  And then come in to my nice warm fire and hot cocoa.

I find it a great irony that my mother always worries about me going on my annual trip to Kansas to see my BFF (leaving tomorrow) there because of snow…and it’s actually going to be colder with snow here.  It’s supposed to be in the 50s up there.  And sunny.

In any event, I’m headed out in the morning and may or may not blog while I’m gone.  If not, have a GREAT weekend and I will see you when I get home on Tuesday.

4 thoughts on “Snow Day…At Work

  1. When I moved to Georgia twenty-five years ago, my neighbors all told me, “Don’t buy a snow shovel, they’ll know you’re a Yankee. Besides, it all melts by noon anyway.” Like a fool, I listened. We’re waiting on the storm you just got rid of. They say that the snow is going north of us and we’ll get “at most, a dusting.” We’ll see. Have a great time in Kansas; I’ve been to Wichita, Kansas City, Lawrence and Topeka, and had a good time in all of them.

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