Taking Stock

Slept in this morning, which was glorious.  Since I was out of town last weekend, I didn’t get my recharge and I’ve been kinda dragging this week.  Our major productive thing for the day was FINALLY getting all the outdoor Christmas decorations down and everything up into the attic.  We almost never take this long, but the weather just wasn’t cooperating with all the rain.  As it was, we had to put a board under the ladder feet so that it didn’t sink into the ground.  It’s SO soft.  Which also means it’s probably a good time for me to start weeding.  The ground will be soft enough I should be able to easily pull up the big ones by the roots.  There are an appalling number of big ones.  Did I mention I’m not a gardener?  Maybe I’ll do that tomorrow before the engagement shoot we’re doing.

Hubs and I have so many projects we need to do around the house, mostly involving organization.  The garage is still kind of a disaster.  We’ve got this big ass tool bench we inherited, but we’ve yet to actually organize all the tools.  There are a set of cabinets we still need to hang out there (thanks for those Mom).  The shop vac hubs got for Christmas still needs a home.  I need to do a bunch of shifting around of closet contents.  We need to empty the closet in hubby’s man cave so we can take down the existing crappy wire shelves, repair the wall, and put in the two nice, sturdy wire shelving units I bought after New Year’s.  And I need to pick up a third one to put in the gym room closet.   The flower beds need weeding and mulching.  I really ought to go through my kitchen gear again and do a clean out of what I’m not using.  I want to get the foyer painted.  And clean out…well, EVERYTHING now that we’ve been here over 6 months and know what we use and don’t.

And all that around the classes and books I’m writing.

Planet with 36 hour day please!

Anyway, we’re going to try to make an effort to pick something to work on one day each weekend and just make ourselves do it.  A lot of it won’t be that bad if we’ll just DO IT.  And then it’ll be done and we’ll feel like we have more room.

I also want to look into having some built ins made for the back wall of my living room, and also comparatively price what it would cost to get some plain, prebuilt bookcases and moulding to make them look like built ins.  I’ve seen some really awesome conversions of the Billy bookcases from Ikea.   That one was $365 bucks!  But not actually wood, which would be my preference.  Either way that’s on down the line in the realm of wish list rather than necessity.  The focus for the next several months needs to be on dealing with what we already HAVE.  That’ll keep us occupied for quite some time!

One thought on “Taking Stock

  1. We’re on the same wave length at the moment!! Half of my wish list for the year has to do with the darn house. We’ve been in ours for a year, but I was only living here for 2 days a week for most of that. Yeah….thought I was going to be way more productive than was actually possible lol. I made a HUGE list of every single thing I need & want to do in the house, prioritized it, and set aside an hour a day to make my way through it. It’s working so far!

    Love the bookcase conversion! I’ve been wondering if I can build my own built-ins for our office. I don’t know if I’m that talented or patient, but I’d love to do it. Good luck with the projects 😀

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