Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

It’s a late post today.  Honestly, I forgot I hadn’t blogged yet!

  1. I spent the morning working on character arc thread worksheets for DOTH.  This will probably be the single most helpful bit of plotting that I DIDN’T do before writing it the first time (usually the Pink Hammer is available to properly berate me into remembering to work it out in advance and not rely on “Oh, it’ll work itself out”–because, no, it won’t).  I’m pleased with what I have, I think, and I’m fairly sure I have a better handle on how my hero and heroine need to change over the course of the story.
  2. I haven’t written in over a week.  I was out of town, and since then I’ve been playing catch up, so I’m not overly worried about it.  January just won’t be an epic word count.  That’s fine.  I’ll get back into the groove tomorrow when I’m back to my normal schedule and some quiet time.
  3. We took the girls over to their grandparents’ to run around for the afternoon since there is YET MORE RAIN coming (seriously?).  The pair of them has been looking at us beseechingly–Mommy, Daddy, make it STOP, we’re bored!  It seemed prudent to take advantage of the nice weather today, and indeed everyone in the neighborhood had the same idea.  It was like watching animals emerge from their dens after 2 or 3 months of nothing.  Everyone was OUT today with kids or working in the yard or exercising.
  4. I took advantage and dismantled the Sleestak habitat that was my flower beds (aka, I weeded).  There’s still SO much to do with them, but I finally got around to buying a yard trash can so that I can just have a big bag in there, open, to toss stuff in.  I figure I can work in 30 minute chunks as I have them to fill up a bag here and there and get it prepped for an epic weekend of mulching somewhere in the next month or two.
  5. After that I wasted a fair chunk of time prowling Pinterest for alternate uses of hollow core bifold closet doors.  I still have two pair that we’d intended to use in the guest room and then couldn’t because the doorway isn’t cased properly and we don’t feel like recasing it.  And then I couldn’t return them because I’d already painted them.  The current lead contender is bookshelves.  We shall see.
  6. It WON’T be raining in the morning and it won’t be below 30 degrees, so I will be running for the first time since Christmas Eve.  I expect this will be a bit rough, but I’m looking forward to it.  I also finally get to try out my Zombies! RUN! App, which I had said ages ago would be my reward for getting up to 3 miles and then promptly forgot about when I actually met the goal.  I bought it over the holiday and then it’s been raining or below freezing ever since.  I’m interested to see how it goes.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Summary and #ROW80 Update

  1. I haven’t written in over a week, either. Stuff happens, and then we get back to it.

    We are supposed to have some warm weather the next three days with possible severe thunderstorms on Wednesday. We had that constant rain for about five days, then clear, then freezing rain….what weird weather we’ve been having this year.

    Oh how I need to weed!

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